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Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2021 For Beginners

When you start to build a website, a blog or an online store, etc, you have to buy a hosting for store your website’s files and data. Although there’re a lot of web hosting for people to create a website, but if you are going to create your website with wordpress, the type wordpress hosting is the best one without doubt.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, most of the hosting providers and hosting companies also offers a particular WordPress Hosting for customer’s selection. You may have headache when selecting one for your blog or website, the beginners will be struggling with Features, Performance, Price, I will try to show you get the best one to start your website.

Overview of the best WordPress Hostings

The below list is only showing the starter plan for the wordpress Hostings

ProvidersEssential FeaturesPricesRatingVisit Website
logo1 Website
50GB Web Space
Unmetered Data Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Free Domain Name for 1st Year
Free Nightly Backup
Free CDN
Renewal $10.95/mo
30-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
2018 09 04 16 33 141 Website
50GB Web Space
Unmetered Visits/Data Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Free Domain Name for 1st Year
Free Daily Backup
Free CDN
Renewal $5.99/mo
97-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
namecheapnamecheapnamecheap1 Website
10GB Web Space
50K Visits/mo
Free CDN
Easy Backups
Bill Monthly:
$0.01/1st month
Renewal $3.88/mo
Bill Yearly:
Renewal 29.88/year
Go EasyWP
512px Hostinger logo purple.svg1 Website
30 GB SSD Storage
~10000 Visits Monthly
Free SSL
Weekly Backups
Free CDN
Renewal $3.99/mo.
30-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
chemicloud purple transparent1 Website
Free Domain Life-Time
15GB Web Space
25K Visits/mo
Free SSL
Daily Backup
Free CDN
Renewal $7.9/mo.
45-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
images1 Website
15GB Web Space
25K Visits/mo
Free SSL
Daily Backup
Free CDN
Renewal $9.95/mo.
45-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
logo TMD hosting1 Website Hosted
Free Domain Lifetime
Unlimited SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL
Daily Backup
Free CDN
Renewal $8.95/mo.
60-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
NuvaHost1 Website
 Free Domain Life-Time
 15 GB of SSD Storage
 Unmetered Bandwidth
 Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
Free CDN
$54/2 years
$72/3 years
7-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
siteground review for bloggers 11 Website
10GB Web Space
10K Visits/mo
Free SSL
Daily Backup
Free CDN
Renewal $14.99/mo.
30-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting
512px Bluehost logo1 Website
50 GB SSD Storage
Free Domain – 1st year
Free CDN Included
Free SSL Certificate
Renewal $8.99/mo.
30-Day Money-Back
Go WP Hosting

Learn About WordPress

You may need to learn something about wordpress before you choose a proper wordpress hosting for your project or business. When you search WordPress in the search engine, you will find there are 2 wordpress website, wordpress.org and wordpress.com, for some beginners, you may confused about them.

Difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

The WordPress What we say is wordpress.org, this is the official wordpress website, the wordpress is a content management system for blog website. however, wordpress.com is more like a online website builder, but the builder is base on the system of wordpress.org.

wordpress hosting-wordpress.org

Anyway, you can create a website by using both of them, I don’t recommend wordpress, you may pay more on wordpress.com and what you works or files will be on their platform. however, if you use the official wordpress system, you can install that in any hosting, it is more flex and Scalable. so the WordPress we talk in the next is WordPress.org.

WordPress was born for blogging from 2003, but it is not only a blog system with passage of time, wordpress becomes a mulitple-purpose cms website system, it is so scalable, you can create almost any types of website with wordpress through the plugins, such as infomation or business website, online-store, forum, portfolio, and more.

Why WordPress

In the latest data report from the web, WordPress is not only the No.1 content management system in the world, it is becoming No.1 method for building website in the world, WordPress website has reached 40% of all websites on the internet, The data is still growing every year.

From major news and business sites to small businesses and individuals, WordPress users include virtually everyone. WordPress is trusted by thoudsands and millions people, so you can be confident that it’s a right choice to build your website. That’s why particular WordPress Hosting will be offered by the hosting companies.

To know more advantage about WordPress, please check this page.

Hosting Types

A hosting is space for storing data and files of App or any online project, and the Web Hosting is a space for website as I mentioned in the beginning. The wordpress hosting is a web hosting particularly for wordpress website. You may be aware that there are different types of hosting, yes, exactly, there are not only one type of hostings.

Let’me show you the popular types of hosting in below:

  • Shared Web Hosting – Most of the web hostings is shared on a virtual server or physical machine, that’s to say, one server may have may web hosting, and each web hosting are separately with the isolation technique, all the web hostings share the same CPU, Memory and Space. This type of hosting is most popular for blog, small business and small ecommerce store. of course, it is one of the best choice for beginners.
  • WordPress Hosting – Basically, the WordPress Hosting that provided by the hosting companies is absolutely same as web hosting, it is also a shared web hosting, the difference is the hosting companies will offer some particularly features and do some optimization for the wordpress hosting, it depends on the hosting companies. On the basis of equal conditions, WorPress hosting is definitely better for WordPress websites. Today I am going to review the top 10 best wordpress hostings.
  • VPS Hosting – VPS is short for Virtual private server, as its name, it is a private hosting, technically, it is still a shared hosting, the different between shared hosting with VPS hosting is VPS is more dedicated. if a Physical Machine is a big room, then shared web hostings are all in the big room, they share all resources. but for VPS, the physical machine divided into many small rooms, each VPS is one small room with dedicated public IP.
  • Dedicated Hosting – like the name, it is really a dedicated hosting, one hosting in one physical machine. used for big project.
  • Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting is a group network of hostings including shared hosting, vps, decicated hosting, any types of hosting can be part of cloud hosting, in present day, almost all hostings are base on cloud hosting, you will see cloud wordpress hosting, cloud vps, cloud dedicated hosting.
  • Windows Hosting – Windows hosting means the hosting deployed with windows server, because most of hostings are installed with linux server. Most of the time, windows hosting is more expensive than linux hosting.
  • Reseller Hosting – this is a business for some distributor to sell the hostings from some big hosting companies, if you have good technique and experience of hosting service, you can reach out to some hosting companies like siteground, Hostgator, GreenGeeks, get very low price from them and sell the hosting to get profit.

Of course there are many other hosting types, but I can’t list all, the above types are the most popular hostings that you can see in many hosting providers or companies.

Pros WordPress Hosting

Obviousely, the WordPress Hosting has some advantages as I mentioned, it is optimized for wordpress, it has some particular features for wordpress. Furture more, the wordpress hosting is low price because it is also a shared hosting, and it is very easily to install and use, most of the wordpress hosting offer 1-click to install wordpress or start a website, that’s very friendly to the beginners.

WordPress Hosting is also full managed by the hosting companies, you can only focus on your business or works, when any issues happened, you can submit that to the hosting companies’ support team.

Factors to Choose A WordPress Hosting

You also need to consider some factors before buy a wordpress hosting, simply, you need some reason to choose a hosting, So what factors do you need to evaluate, I think you need to learn from 7 aspects.

The best web hosting
  1. Performance or Loading Speed – a fast website will be friendly to SEO and the visitors, like the technology of http/2, SSD storage, hosting performance optimzation, new version of php and more, as well as server Location is also a fact impact on the performance.
  2. Security – Security is also the topmost important factor, everyday there are many website will be attacked by virus, maleware, DDOS, brute force and some possible threats, a safe wordpress hosting should have some software or firewall to defense the attacks. and SSL is also very important for a website, the sensitive data transmission between hosting and visits can be encryted with SSL.
  3. Price – of course, this is a very important, to many beginners, they have limited budget. but I’ve to say even if the price for a wordpress hosting is cheap, and if it is not safe or fast, you should change to some better one with a relatively expensive hosting service.
  4. Uptime and Reliablity – uptime means the website can be live online and the visits can access your website, the higher the better, but the uptime can’t be lower than 99.9%, if any wordpress hosting service lower than this number, you need to think about it.
  5. Ease of use – to any beginners, I think you will hope to a easy way to use the wordpress hosting to create your website, forturnetly, there are many hosting providers offers quick launch wizard, you just click, the website will be created.
  6. WordPress Features – if the wordpress hosting offers some customized or optimized features for wordpress, that’s awsome too.
  7. Customer Support – you may have some questions before buying a wordpress hosting, you may encounter problems occasionally when use a hosting, an excellent hosting provider should offers very good customer and technical support, if you think it is not, you can find other one, that’s really many hosting companies.

1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks was found in 2007 in USA, as its name, GreenGeeks is a Green energy web hosting provider, and it is the number 1 in the world for that. When your website hosted on GreenGeeks, it will match 300% of the energy usage of your entire operation in the form of REC. That’s the first reason why I use GreenGeeks to build my website, yet Greengeeks offers fast and secure hosting, it is friendly to beginners too.

GreenGeeks® Fast Secure and Eco friendly Hosting


  • Quick Launch Wizard for 1 click install WordPress, easy and friendly for people to use.
  • Very Good Price, start at $2.49/mo.
  • Use high performance webserver – Litespeed.
  • 300% Green Energy Committment (If you are an environmentalist).


  • Data Centers only in North America and Netherland, if you are from other regions, you may not find the closed server location.
  • if you want to use the Free SSL, you need to transfer your domain to GreenGeeks, or change the name server to GreenGeeks.

Greengeeks has extensive experience in providing high quality web hosting. with GreenGeeks wordpress hosting, you can use their starter Wizard to install and create a wordpress website like installing a App on your mobile phone, this is a new feature that offered by Greengeeks in 2021, if you ever used SiteGround, you will know a start winzard can be so convienent and easy.

No people like a slow website, Your WordPress website hosted on Greengeeks wordpress hosting that use high performance webserver and come with LS cache plugin, which enabling your website to load very fast. In additional, GreenGeeks use high-speed SSD drive for storage space, they always offer the latest version of PHP, HTTP/2, Gzip Compression.

They offers data centers in North America and Europe, if you are located in these regions, you can also make your websites get a fast server response. if you or your customers are in other place, you can still use their wordpress hosting, why, you can use Free Cloudflare CDN networks to make your websites fast in most of the place in the world, GreenGeeks will offer the support to help you with that.

Your Webiste will be monitored for virus, malware and other unknow threats in 24 hours of 1 week, as well as vulnerabilities via a combined automation and manual efforts. Greengeeks will notify you immediately if some threats detected, and they’ll help you clean your WordPress website if infected. GreenGeeks also offers free SSL for your website data transfer security, and they guarantee 99.9% uptime for the web hosting in all the time, so you can keep the website be accessed by visitors in most of the time.

You may start to be interested in GreenGeeks, let’s see the exactly features Greengeeks offered in the Lite Package of the wordpress Hosting:

  • Starting at USD2.49/mo, renewal USD10.95/mo, 30-day money back
  • 1 website can be 50GB Web Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer, Unlimited Databases, 50 E-mail Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free CDN
  • Quick Launch Wizard, you can 1-Click instllWordPress, Free WordPress website migration
  •  WordPress automatic Updates
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise webserver, LSCache Included, which enables your WordPress website to perform 4X faster
  • 99.9% uptime, Daily backup your whole website
  • 24/7 Support, you can contact Greengeeks support by chat, ticket or phone any time.
  • Developer Friendly, you will have access to SSH, Git, WP-CLI, SFTP, phpMyAdmin, a staging environment, and option for multiple PHP versions

Once your business grows that the Lite package not enough to support the big traffic, you can upgrade your plans any time, it may charge you more, but your business is very good, I don’t think you will mind the extra cost.

Although you can get so many similar features from GreenGeeks like other providers, the obvious and special one of Greengeeks is using renewable energe, you are not just comsuing, you may be really doing something for the earth.

2. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is very old hosting provider in the industry, they start the service can be traced back to 1996, they are really an experienced hosting company. Dreamhost is one of the recommended WordPress Hosting by WordPress.org, why? Dreamhost’s wordpress hosting offer one-click wordpress installer, drag and drop wordpress page builder, and there are mroe than 1.5 millions websites hosted on Dreamhost.

DreamHost Web Hosting For Your Purpose


  • Quick Launch Wizard  for 1 click install WordPress, easy and friendly for people to use.
  • Very Good Price, start at $2.59/mo, Renewal Price is only $5.99/mo.
  • WordPress drag & drop website builder
  • 97-day money back for wordpress hosting.


  • Data Centers only in USA, you may not have more choices if you are from other regions or countries.
  • You need to pay extra for email accounts or you need a higher-grade Plan

If your business or you in USA, and you want to find a hosting for building a wordpress website, I have to say Dreamhost is one of the best choice for you. They are the no.1 fan of wordpress, from hosting, database, plugins tools and softwares, dreamhost will do the best optimazition to the wordpress performance when they design and develop their service. they also use SSD, Http/2, Gzip and latest version of PHP, it is like a dream when your website run on the Dreamhost wordpress hosting.

What Dreamhost do for wordpress is to make it as simple as possible for everyone to use, they make you no longer feel overwhelming to start website with wordpress, they offers very easy-to-Use Panel, you can control and do everything on one panel, you can easily create Let’s Encrypt SSL, forward domains, add users, and more. Dreamhost also offers one-click installer for wordpress, you can do it in the same panel.

It is not only easily to install wordpress on Dreamhost, you can also easily design and customize your website too, since Dreamhost offers a drag drop page builder for wordpress website, anyone including beginners, newbies can easily create their website with the builder after select the proper theme. if you are not a beginner and you want to transfer your website to Dreamhost, they also offer free automated tools for you migrate your website.

Dreamhost always watch your back, they keep an eye on things for you so you can go back to doing what you do best, you don’t worry about your host threaten by DDos, virus or maleware, and they offer free SSL to protect your data transfer with the visitors.

The Features you can obtain from Dreamhost WordPress Hosting:

  • Starting at USD2.59/mo, renewal USD5.99/mo, 97-day money back for wordpress hosting
  • 1 website can be 50GB Web Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer/visits, Unlimited Databases
  • Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free CDN
  • Quick Launch Wizard, you can 1-Click instller for WordPress, Free WordPress website automated migration, WordPress automatic Updates, WordPress drag and drop page builder
  • 100% uptime, Daily backup your whole website
  • 24/7 Support, you can contact Dreamhost support by chat, ticket or phone any time.

Dreamhost announces that they offer 100% uptime guarantee, actually I don’t think that’s possible this is my personal point of view, After all, there are too many unstable factors in this world, but if any hosting provider offers 99.9% uptime or more, that’s acceptale to most of users. Anyway, Dreamhost is trying their best to offers the best features in an affordable price for anyone.

3. NameCheap EasyWP

The WordPress Hosting from Namecheap is called EasyWP, it is the easiest wordpress hosting to use, why? if you ever use shopify, you will know how easy to create a website, yes, EasyWP is the same way to create website, they use a starter wizard totally same as shopify’s, but the website system is base on wordpress.

Fast Low Cost WordPress Hosting Powered by Namecheap


  • Very Easy starter Wizard  for 1 click install WordPress, create wordpress website in a few minutes.
  • Really low Prices, Bill monthly: $1/mo first month, renewal $3.88/mo, Bill Yearly: $14.94/year, renewal $29.88/year
  • They offers 30 days free trial sometimes
  • Easy backup and restore like copy and paste, not like that on cPanel


  • Data Centers only in USA and UK
  • No Free SSL in Starter Plan
  • need pay extra for email account

As my experenice, the EasyWP is the easiest wordpress hosting to the beginner, although Greengeeks and Dreamhost offers starter wizard too, you can use EasyWP to create a website like an online builder like Shopify, Wix, but your websites is more dedicated than Shopify or Wix. only 4 easy steps from the wizard, your website can be created even if you don’t have somain name, you can use subdomain from EasyWP firstly to manage your website, and then connect your own domain. EasyWP doesn’t include cPanel, they use an customized control panel, simpe and easy.


They use SSD, http/2, Gzip compression and the latest version of php tecnique to speed up your website, but it seems you don’t have a way to choose the server location, although I am not in USA or UK, but when I try the easywp and create a website, it displayed front on me very quickly. NameCheap don’t offers free CDN in the starter plan too, but you can still use free CDN like Cloudflare, actually, most of the wordpress hosting use Cloudflare CDN too.

The annual price for EasyWP is really low, I am afraid that it is the cheapest wordpress hosting, someone may thought it is not so secure, actually not, EasyWP is very safe, Namecheap installed software for the wordpress hosting protect from attacks such as malware, DDoS attacks and unknow threats. In the starter plan, EasyWP doesn’t offer free ssl too, but you can use wordpress plugins to create a free Let’s encrypt SSL certification.

What features you will get from easywp besides:

  • 1 website, 10GB SSD storage
  • Free EasyWP in-house wordpress cache plugin
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • upto 50K/mo visits
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to manage WordPress websites

NameCheap EasyWp always make thing easy, from installing wordpress, design website, manage your hosting and website migration, as well as backup and restore, that’s really easy, what you need to do is clicking a button, and everything let the EasyWp do for you. Althgouh they don’t offers many free features like cdn or SSL, but I’ve show you the alternatives, if you buy a higher-grade plan, all these are Free.

Only need one dollar, everyone can satert a website with EasyWP, that’s amazing.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is known as its very low prices, most of the time, it is considered as the cheapest hosting service in the industry. At the beginning of Hostinger establishment, they had a simple idea to let anyone create a website for FREE With no-limits PHP, MySQL, cPanel & no ads-complete freedom, but the fact is free can’t be a life, This may be why Their prices are so low, right? Anyway, there’re over 29 million users are already using Hostinger.

WordPress Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth Only 1 99 Now


  • Starter Wizard  for 1 click install WordPress, easy and friendly for people to use with Hpanel.
  • Very Good Price, start at $1.99/mo only, and renewal is $3.99/mo.
  • Use high performance Litespeed enterprise webserver.
  • They offer server location in 5 continents around the world, That is very rare in the industry.


  • If you want Daily backup for website, you need to buy higher-grade plan.
  • The features is very limited for plan $1.99/mo, like only 100 GB Bandwidth, 1 Email Account…

The lowest price plan for hostinger wordpress hosting is called ‘Single WordPress’, if you have a limited budget, this is a good choice, although you can use limited features, but you can still build a small website, and it is very fast, because Hostinger use Litespeed, it is a high performance webserver, with LS cache plugin, it can accelerate your wordpress websites in 4x speed.

And all the hostings on Hostinger are offered with SSD, http/2 and latest version of php. Hostinger provide 7 Data Centers in five continents, that means you can find a relatively near server in any place of the world

Not only fast on Single WordPresshosting, it is also secure and safe, Hostinger monitor every single WordPress website for malware and other possible threats and vulnerabilities, They also offers Cloudflare’s protection for DDos and Free SSL for data Transfer.

Is it just those above, then you are wrong, Hostinger make it is very easy for everyone to create their wordpress websites, when you start a wordpress website, you just follow the starter wizard and click, like that on GreenGeeks wordpress hosting or EasyWP of Namecheap. And Hostinger develop a in-house control panel for hosting, it is more friendly than cPanel, you will love if once you try it.

Though it has limited features, See what other features you will get from ‘Single WordPress’:

  • 1 Website
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • ~10000 Visits Monthly
  • 1 Email Account
  • Managed WordPress
  • Weekly Backup
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Hostinger offers a really good price for the wordpress hosting, it is start at $1.99/mo, and $0.99/mo for web hosting, that’s really low price, but you need to buy the hosting for 4-years at a timeto get this lowest price. Actually, after comapred Hostinger with Namecheap, you will find the EasyWP of Namecheap should be the cheapest wordpress hosting. Whatever, you can still create a website and run it properly at those low price.

5. Chemicloud

Chemicloud is a relatively new hosting provider in the industry, but the business is growing very fast, it is considered to be the best alternative to Siteground by some people. That means Chemicloud is very excellent hosting company.

SSD WordPress Hosting from ChemiCloud Starts at 3 95 A Month


  • Offers Free Domain name for Life time
  • Uses high-performance webserver, Litespeed enterprise.
  • Offers 7 datacenters in 4 continents around the world,


  • For Starter plans of WordPress hosting, only offers 2 years and 3 years billing periods,
  • it is relatively new, there may be some possible problems, to be tested.

I am using many hostings including Chemicloud, as my experience, it is almost another GreenGeeks, the features for wordpress hosting offered by Chemicloud is very similar as GreenGeeks, both of them use Litespeed for webserver, and offers features for speed such as SSD, latest version of PHP and http/2, etc. but Chemicloud offers data centers in 4 continents, you may have more choice with Chemicloud if you are looking for server location in more regions.

ChemiCloud Server Locations Worldwide Data Centers

You don’t worry about the security of the wordpress hosting to hosted your website on chemicloud, they keep a close eye on your server 24/7 since they react proactively to any attacks, problems or unknow threats towards your business. Chemicloud offers 1 click installer for SSL, and your whole website will be backup daily, so you don’t worry the data loss, they also guarantee 99.99% uptime for all wordpress hosting. As I know Chemicloud use the machine and server network from AWS, Linode and DigitalOcean.

Chemicloud don’t have a quick launch wizard like GreenGeeks or other above providers I mentioned, that may not be so easy for some beginners, but it use the popular control panel: cPanel, it is still easy to use, you can manage anything of your hosting through it. Please check more features from Chemicloud:

  • 1 Website
  • Sale Price $3.95/mo, Regular Price $7.90/mo
  • 15 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, ~25 000 Visits/mo.
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Free Migrations, Free SSL, Free CDN, Free domain for life
  • 99.9% uptime, Daily backup your whole website
  • 24/7 Support, you can contact Chemicloud support by chat, ticket or phone any time.
  • 45 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Chemicloud offers almost all the features that a wordpress hosting requires, the prices are moderate, no obvious characteristics and shortcomings. Chemicloud is relatively new hosting provider, some things remain to be seen, but as i use their hosting service, it is still very excellent ovarall.

6. Fastcomet

Fastcomet should be the most full-featured hosting service provider, and they are also a experienced hosting company was established in 2013, Fastcomet from a small hosting provider beginner grows to the company that provide web hosting services for more than 50,000 personal and small-business website owners

1 Managed WordPress Hosting Best Speed Security FastComet


  • Offers RAM start from 2GB for wordpress hosting
  • Offers 11 data centers in 4 continents around the world
  • Full-featured hosting service


  • The special sale price for beginning plan always changed, most of the time it is $3.95/mo, sometimes it is lower.

Fastcomet not use the high-performance webserver Litespeed, but they offers a LiteSpeed LSPHP Technology to make your wordpress website loading like base on Litespeed, in additional, also use http/2, SSD-only cloud with guaranteed CPU, Aggressive GZIP and more, just as Fastcomet said their own that they offers an Out-of-the-box WordPress Speed optimization.

Your WordPress website hosted on Fastcomet will be secured by several layers, it is called FastGuard WordPress Security including Hosting Account Security Layer and WordPress Application Security Layer, it can scan and defense any attacks like Malware, DDoS, Bruteforce and some unknow threats. Servers protected by FastGuard learn from each attack and inform each other about malicious activities, that’s really amazing.

Besides, Free Personal SSL encryption is on all plans with Fastcomet, they offers free daily and weekly backups, and the backups file will be stored up to 30 days. that’s really a lot of features on Fastcomet, check all below:

  • 1 Website
  • Free Website Transfer, Free Domain Transfer, Free SSL, Free CDN
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 15GB SSD Space
  • ~25 000 Visits/mo.
  • Multiple Server Locations, total 11 data centers
  • 45 Days Money Back
  • Perks: Attracta SEO, SE Ranking 30% Discount, WP Rocket 20% Discount, Sitecake 20% Discount, iSenseLabs 10% Discount, $75 Grasshopper Credit
  • 99.9% uptime, Daily backup/weekly backup your whole website
  • 24/7 Support, you can contact Fastcomet support by chat, ticket or phone any time.

The WordPresss hosting of Fastcomet is secure, fast, managed and affordable, it may not be No.1 in all aspects, but I think you can find the right server from 11 data centers.

7. TMDhosting

TMDhosting include almost all types of hosting, Overall, it is one of the best hosting provier, but why I put it in this position, that’s because the wordpress hosting of TMDhosting is a little bit expensive than other providers. However you can get some special features from TMDhosting, and their web hosting is very good price, if you don’t like their WordPress Hosting, you can buy web hosting, you can host your wordpress website with the web hosting easy too.

WordPress Hosting Fully Managed Hosting by TMDHosting


  • Free Domain Registration for life time
  • offers Varnish for cache to make website load fast
  • Use fast webserver – Nginx.
  • Offers 7 data centers in 4 continents in the world


  • Price for wordpress hosting is a bit higher, Fortunately, the renewal price is not too high.

The websites hosted on TMDhosting is very fast, they use Nginx, this is the most popular webserver in the world now, and it is a very fast webserver, besides, they use SSD, http/2, latest version php, the amazing thing is they make 3 layers of cache (АPC, OPCache, Varnish), combined all of these tecnique, TMDhosting ensure that your website loading time up to 16 times. you can choose server from 7 data cetners in 4 continents with TMDhosting:


The WordPress website you hosted on WordPress Hosting of TMDhosting is managed, you can focus your own works or business, any issues or problems you can forward to TMDhosting support team.

TMDhosting will monitor your website 24/7 in circle of the clock, and they offers a Web Based Firewall powered by BitNinja is a cutting edge extra layer of security making your WordPress website safeguarded by maleware, virus and possible threats. You also don’t worry that your data or file loss since TMDhosting offers daily backup. more features offered by TMDhosting:

  • Unlimited SSD Space
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  1 Website Hosted
  •  Free Domain for Life, Free SSL, Free WordPress website migration
  •  Managed WordPress by TMDhosting
  • cPanel for control panel
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 60 days Money back guarantee

TMDhosting has performed very well in most of aspects except that the price is a bit high, and you can see there are some obvious advantages like unlimited SSD, Varnish for cache, 60 days refund. As I tested on their hosting, that’s really a good experience.

8. Nuvahost

Nuvahost is a very new hosting company, but it offers very good price and a lot of features for the wordpress hosting, which is optimized with pre-installed wordpress, you can use it create your website very easily.

NuvaHost Wordpress Hosting


  • Free Life-time Domain name registration
  • Very Good Price, start at $36/year, same for renewal
  • Offers 11 data centers in 4 continents in the world,


  • You need to pay additional fees for Daily backup
  • Same as Chemicloud, it is new hosting provider, there may be some possible problems, to be tested.

If the features of Chemicloud is similar like GreenGeeks, then Nuvahost is almost same as Chemicloud, the difference, is Nuvahost not use litespeed as webserver and no Daily Backup, but the price for wordpress hosting of Nuvahost is lower than that on Chemicloud, and Nuvahost offers bill for 1-year payment.

However, the cost for Daily Backup on Nuvahost is much higher, if you want this feature, combined all charges, the price for wordpress hosting on Nuvahost is not obvious to Chemicloud.

  • 1 Website
  •  15 GB of SSD Storage
  •  Unmetered Bandwidth
  •  Unlimited Email Accounts
  •  Softaculous App Installer
  •  Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  •  Free website migration
  •  cPanel control panel
  •  Enhanced SSD drives

You can find a near server wherenver you are with nuvahost, since it offers 11 data centers including one in Costa Rica. If you don’t mind to pay additonal fees for Daily Backup, from the features they offers, it is absolutely a very excellent hosting provider.

9. SiteGround

If you want to know which hosting provider is the most popular and best reputation, the answer is SiteGound, SiteGound is really a famous name in the hosting industry. I don’t want to introduce more about this provider, but you may confused why siteground ranks so low in the list, because the price for the hosting service is higher than other providers and the features is limited, but SiteGound is still excellent a hosting service.

WordPress Hosting – Top Security and Speed Managed by Experts


  • In-house Wizard  for 1 click install WordPress, easy and friendly for people to use.
  • A bunch of in-house software for wordpress optimization.


  • Higher price and renewal price
  • New System of AI Support is not fast like before

Actually, SiteGround increased the price in 2020, the StartUp price for wordpress hosting is always $3.95/mo before 2020, The reason I guess may be the number of customers has begun to exceed their service pressure. They have hosted more than 2 million of websites in the recent data report. SiteGround always offers good service regardless of hosting service or customer support, it has accumulated so much popularity and reputation due to these two aspects.

I remember I can reach out to the support in a few seconds in 2017 when I started to use siteground. and they offer a lot of wordpress features, and create many in-house wordpress plugins like WordPress Starter for any beginner, Migrator, SG optimizer plugins, they did optimization for wordpress website.

SiteGround not only create many wordpress plugins, they also create some other customized softwares for hosting and optimization by their own develop department, since siteground is not a hosting company, they are also a technical company, such as the client areas and the site tools that are developed by SiteGround for customer admin and wordpress hosting control panels, and in-house created mixture Nginx and Apache webserver, Custom Smart WAF, Collaboration Tools and more.

SiteGround start to cooperate with Google Cloud Platform, and all the new hostings consume are match 100% renewal energe, please see more features siteground:

  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly, Unmetered Traffic
  • Free WP Installation, Free WP Migrator, Free SSL, Free CDN, WordPress Autoupdates
  • Daily Backup
  • Out-of-the-box Caching
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 30-Days Money-Back

Although SiteGround is still a top hosting service, however, from 2019 SiteGround use AI support system, and increace price for beginners from 2020, which makes many new customers move to other hosting companies, meanwhile, more and more hosting providers offer very similar and excellent service too but with lower price, so which one will you choose? what I can say is it depends on you.

10. Bluehost

Another famous hosting provider, that’s Bluehost, I think anyone in this industry will hear of the name ‘Bluehost’. Why Bluehost is so famous, maybe it is a relatively old hosting company or there’re many promoters recommend Bluehost for WordPress, though, I think the hosting service of Bluehost is not very excellent like its fame in earlier time. Perhaps competition is getting fiercer in the industry, Bluehost is changed and much better than before.

WordPress Hosting Fast Secure WP Web Hosting Bluehost


  • In-house admin panel, easy and friendly for people to use
  • Many years of hosting business experience


  • can’t find where the data centers location, and some info not transparent
  • additional fees for automated backup

Like SiteGround, more than 2 millions websites hosted on Bluehost, This is a number to be proud of, thanks to the direct recommendation of wordpress.org, that means Bluehost also has its advantage, but you can’t say what it is, since Bluehost’s info about hosting is not so clearly like other providers.

The price for WordPress hosting of Bluehost is moderate, in the Basic plan, promtional price is $3.95/mo, renewal price is 8.99/mo. The features of WordPress hosting they displayed on the wesite and you can easily find are:

  • 1 Website
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free CDN, Free WordPress website migration
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 5 Email Accounts, 100MB/each
  • 30-Days Money-Back

Automated Backups, Spamexperts and some other features need addtional charges, you can’t find the exact server location, but as I know they offers service to India and China besides USA.

However, If you want to use WordPress hosting of Bluehost, that’s very easily, they develop a in-house admin panel, simple and friendly to beginners, that may be another reason they can reap so many users.

As an old hosting company, I put Bluehost at the bottom, just because I want it to stand up and keep up with more and more new companies’ footsteps to provide customers with truly excellent hosting services. the good news is that they are improving that as I said.

Which Hosting Companies should I Use?

Because everyone’s main considerations are different, the list here is just a relative ranking.

  • if you are caring about Price more, then NameCheap should be the best one
  • if you want extremely fast speed, GreenGeeks, Nuvahost and Chemicloud are good choices
  • WordPress features is your concern, then SiteGround is the best one
  • if you are searching the wordpress hosting from Europe or USA, considering, GreenGeeks and nuvahost are best; and Dreamhost is considering best in USA; Nuvahost and Chemicloud is considering best in Asia; and only Hostinger offer server located in south America, Chemicloud offer sercer located in Australia.
  • Ease of use? Chemicloud, NameCheap, SiteGround, all of them offer one-click setup winzard, you can create website by one-clicking, no need more knowledge about cPanel or other operation.
  • and more…

Which hosting is the best one for you, you need to do the decision on your requires.


Although there’re many hosting providers, the actual difference between hosts at the same level is not very big. The obvious difference you can see is the price and some basic features. As for the loading speed in the same region or country, it is actually not much difference. Of course, that may be big in different regions , but you can buy the hosting company nearest to you.

In aspect of security and reliability, as the wordpress hostings are fully managed, you don’t have to worry too much. Once there is a problem, they will have the technical team to solve the problem as soon as possible, and most of the hosting companies offers more than 30 days worry-free money back, once you feel that the hosting is not good as your expected, you can ask for a refund any time, but the refund cannot be refunded after their allowed period.

So I think you don’t need to hesitate too much when choosing a hosting, as long as some of the key features meet your expectations, then this one is definitely your best hosting.

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