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Top 5 best domain name registrars comparison

To create your own website, you need a domain definitely, it is not only a name but also a (internet) address of website, that’s for the visitor how to find you, Once you get a fantastic domain name, you need to buy it from domain registrar, such as xxx.com, xxx.net, xxx.org, … and more TLDs, which is the best one? where is the best place to buy a domain name?

I will compare 5 top best domain name registrars, including prices and fees, security, customer service, refund pilicy and more features, you can find what you want after read this article.

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Best Domain Name Registrar – Why ‘.com’ TLD is The Best for Domain Names?

‘.com’ is regular TLD type registered by people, And For more than one reasons, ‘.com’ names are the best, I gave you two reasons of those, you will know why:

  1. If you chose a .net, .org or other domains with mistake, some of repeat vistior may not be able to find your domain if they didn’t add your domain url in their bookmarks, since xxx.com is a default type in most of people’s brain, you lost traffic even customer. you may found wordpress domain is wordpress.org (wordpress.com is another site), but please note not everyone is wordpress, and wordpress is an open source software, that’s really not big deal for them.
  2. You worked hard and finally made your website a little popular, and you generate let’s say 25,000 visitors or more a month, due to the first reason, some of what you done may be just working for other people who own the same name but with .com.

I think you now know why .com is so important for not big websites, additionally, if your site is successful, a .com name will make it easier for you to maintain success.

So where is the best place to buy domain name? which is the best domain name registrar? There are hundreds of domain registrar on the internet, it is really hard for beginners to make a correct choice, fortunetly, most of the domain name are not expensive, their prices are from USD8 to USD15/year, even if you buy from a not so good registrar, you won’t get much loss. Even so, there still are some much higher price in the market, the prices are about USD25 to USD35, you can pass those registrar directly.

Best Domain Name Registrar – Comparasion of Essential Features

I choose 5 top best domain name registrars on the web, there are the most popular ones too, we also used them too, but we are using NameSilo and Google Domain now, firstly let’s check the table which show the key features comparison in below:

NameSilo LogoGoDaddy logonamecheapdomaincomlogogoogledomain
one “.com” registration price (USD)$8.99$15.17$8.88$9.99$12
one “.com” renewal price (USD)$8.99$17.99$$10.38$11.49$12
No ICANN or transactions feesImageImageImageImageImage
Lifetime FREE WHIOS PrivacyImageImageImageImageImage
Offers DNSSEC (Protect your domain from attacks such as DNS cache poison and DNS spoofing)ImageImageImageImageImage
Customer Service
Customer service phone numberImageImageImageImageImage
Chat onlineImageImageImageImageImage
Payment Methods
Accepts major credit cardImageImageImageImageImage
Accepts PaypalImageImageImageImageImage
Accepts SkrillImageImageImageImageImage
Accpets AlipayImageImageImageImageImage
Accepts bitcoinImageImageImageImageImage
Features & Returns
Easy and friendly DashboardImageImageImageImageImage
Offers registration refund (normally 3 days(72 hours) period after order placed)Yes, you just click cancel order within 3 days after purchaseYes, you can open a ticket or chat with them within 3 days after purchase, they will check if the domain can be cancelled, sometimes it can not be succeedNew domain name registrations may be refundable within 3 days, at the sole discretion of NamecheapI contacted their support, they told me you can cancel your domain order whitin 5 days.Yes, you can open a ticket or chat with them within 3 days after purchase, but they only give you 3 times for cancellation in 1 year.
Offers other Services?• Web hosting,
• API,
• Reseller,
• Business Email
• Web hosting,
• Website Builder,
• Reseller,
• Business Email
• Web hosting,
• Website Builder,
• Reseller,
• Business Email
• Web hosting,
• Website Builder,
• Reseller,
• Business Email
• G-suit, including Gmail Business Email, website Builder and more, check Google Workspace to know more
Visit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit Site

The above list showed that NameSilo almost won most of the features, that’s why we manage most of our domains at namesilo, and it is the best domain name registrar we ever used.

1. NameSilo

The best and cheapest domain name registrar on the web.

NameSilo ProsNameSilo Cons

1. Cheapest domain registrar on the web;
2. No additional or hidden fees for things like privacy, DNS management, what you see is what you will pay;
3. No constant bombardment of ancillary service offerings;
4. Lifetime FREE WHIOS Privacy;
5. Easily to cancel and refund.
The manager center of dashboard is too old, it is not easy to find what you want to manage at the first time

I can’t find any shortcoming except the old dashboard, I think they may update that in near future, since you can see they have brandnew frontend. NameSilo is the best domain name registrar.


Apply NameSilo coupon: NS01OFF to get USD$1 off Today!

2. NameCheap.com

NameCheap should be the second popular Domain registrar, when you search domain, you will easy find them, they also offer very low price.

NameCheap ProsNameCheap Cons

1. The price is very low;
2. Lifetime FREE WHIOS Privacy.
1. You need to pay additional fees for ICANN or transactions fees, but just a little;
2. Does not offer DNSSEC.

No obviouse pros and cons, good for domain name registation, although it is not the best domain name registrar, still a good choice for you.

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase at Namecheap

Apply NameCheap coupon: BDAYCOM to ge 33% off Today!

3. Domain.com

When you see their domain name, you will know what business they are doing, yes, they are domain name registrar, and also offer web hosting for building site, they offer low price for domain registation.

Domain.com ProsDomain.com Cons

1. If you order their web hosting, you can get one domain name free for 1 year with coupon DOMFREE;
2. They offer 5 days for cancellation after you purchase a domain;
3. Easily manage on the dashboard
1. Does not offer DNSSEC;
2. You need to pay for protecting WHIOS Privacy.

No obviouse pros and cons too, although they are not the best domain name registrar, still a good choice for you.


Apply Doamin.com coupon: DOMAIN10 to get 10% off Today! if you order their web hosting, please apply coupon: DOMFREE for 1 year free

4. Google Domains

Although Google is one of the biggest IT company in the world, and well-known for peoples, but the google domains should be a very new business.

Google Domain ProsGoogle Domain Cons

1. Very easy and simplied dashboard;
2. No additional or hidden fees for things like privacy, DNS management, what you see is what you will pay;
3. No constant bombardment of ancillary service offerings;
4. Lifetime FREE WHIOS Privacy.
Only accept credit card for payment

Google Domains is the second best domain name registrar I ever used, although they only accept credit card, and the price in Google Domains should be in the medium place, not very high, and affordable to anyone.

Google domains

Apply Google Domains coupon: NEWSTART to get 20% off Today!

5 Godaddy

The most popular domain registrar on the web.

Godaddy ProsGodaddy Cons
1. It is the most poplular domain provider;
2. If you buy a domain for 2 years, they will give discount;
3. Easily manage on the dashboard.

1. when you search a domain, you find the price is very low, and you can’t believe, but when you pay, you will find the real price is several times of that, and there are some other fees;
2. you need to pay for protecting WHIOS Privacy;
3. renewal price is very high, many users will transfer their domain out from Godaddy.

Godaddy have the biggest market share of domain name, though, you can buy the domains from them in the first 2 years for your website. I am not going to give too many ‘Godaddy Cons’, I worry that they will not like me, Hah. However, their website builder is good yet, please check our online website builder comparison.


Apply Godaday coupon: cjcrmn30pr to get 30% off Today!

Best Domain Name Registrar – Pricing and Additional Fees

Although the first year prices for different domain registrars are similar, but if you have plan of buying many domains or many years, the difference is still big.

Many domain registrars are not upfront and transparent on their pricing, it makes it hard for people to easily understand, when they add the domain in cart and go to checkout, they found they need to pay for this service or that service to get some key features, someone will be annoyed by hidden fees.

NameSilo and Google domain don’t have any hidden fees in above 5 best domain name registrars, and NameSilo is the cheapest registrar definitely. Nay, there are more advantages for NameSilo and Google Domain:

  • The price you see is the price you will pay;
  • No constant bombardment of ancillary service offerings;
  • No additional fees for things like privacy, DNS management, parking, web forwarding and enhanced security;
  • No hidden charges such as ICANN fees, renewal upcharges and processing costs

Actually, most of the registrars will often offer some discount to buyers for 1 years (so the first row of pricing may changed in above form), but they will resume the regular price for renewal.

Godday is the most popular domain registrar, they have plenty of users, and you can see their advertisment anywhere, you can say they are the biggest registrar, but not the best, also not the cheapest one, however, you will get a very low price when you search a new domain name, and when you add cart and go for checkout, you will see a 2 or 3 times higher price than what you just saw.

Honestly, the first domain name I bought was from them, and I bought some other domains from them too, then I transfer to Google Domain, the google price is transparent, what you see is how much you pay, I like that, then I know namesilo, they are doing same thing as google domain, but lower price, so I use google and NameSilo manage my domains.

In this section, NameSilo is winner, and Google is the second one.

Best Domain Name Registrar – Security for Domains and Account

Almost any websites have several layers for account security and protection nowadays, so you basicly don’t worry about it if you had any account on above 5 registrars, they are famous and professional with technical.

The security what we are concerning about is domain, like WHIOS privacy and DNS, WHIOS privacy including owner’s personal information, and DNS is about the safety of domain. We can see the winners are NameSilo and Google Domain, they offer life time WHIOS privacy protection and DNSSEC for DNS security. Namecheap offer life time WHIOS privacy protection too, Actually Godaddy, Domain.com and have these services too, you need to pay for some of them.

Free or Paid for security, which one is better, you can make a decision.

Best Domain Name Registrar – Customer Service and Payment Methods

Good customer service is also a factor effects buyers choose a domain registrar, but it is not so important unless you have a big business with the registrar, if you can get in touch with them quickly, I think that’s really awsome when you encounter some issues urgently. after check all above 5 registrars, they have quick ways for you to contact their customer service except NameCheap only have chat methods, all are winner.

Payment methods may be also a reason stop the buyer outside of the door, Credit card is popular and it can be used in most of the place in the world, but it is not the exact payment methods that anyone can use for payment in any place. so if the registrar have more payment methods, they may get more buyers from more countries, and the buyers are easily to pay for the domain.

Godday can take big market shares, not only they are big company and efficient ads, but also they offer many payment methods including speical methods in specific Countries, some people can easy buy domain from Godday. The same thing occured at NameSilo, even more, they accept one of E-currecies Bitcoin too, NameSilo win again, so do Godday.

Best Domain Name Registrar – Policies and Features

✦ Refund and Cancelling order

Sometimes, You buy a domain, for some reasons, you may want to cancel a order and get refund from registrars, if they can offer this service, that’s really good for you. I tried cancel and refund from Godday, NameSilo and Google domain, 3 of them offer 3 days period after you paid the order for you to cancel order or get refund.

The easiest one is NameSilo, you just login the account center, find the order, then click cancel order, you get the refund. Second is Domain.com, I chatted with them and cancelled one domain succcessfully, they promise they will offer a 5 days for cancelling order of domain, but you need to open a ticket tell them.

For Google domain, you can reach out a chat with them too, they check if you are still in the period then will send you refund, but they offer 3 times only for a account to cancel an order in one years. As for Godday, most of the time you need to open a ticket and wait for the reply, if you are in the period, you can always get refund, so do NameCheap. NameSilo and Domain.com win again, Google, Godday, NameCheap is also good.

✦ More Wonderful Features

All of the listed registrars also allows immediate outbound transfers and offer more than 15 days grace period for renewing expired domains, NameSilo, google domain and Godday offer 30 days, actually, if you are going to buy a domain for a long-term work or business, you can switch on auto renewal for the domain, so you don’t need to care about the renewal expired, you can turn off it any time too.

A little old Dashboard may be the only one undesirable for NameSilo in the comparison, although it is not good look and may be a little hard to manage at the first time, it still can’t stop NameSilo to win over most of the competitors completely, I like and use it, it is simple, you just pay what you see, and manage it, that’s all, you don’t worry about anything more in future. Definitely, NameSilo is the best domain name registrar, meanwhile, it is the cheapest registrar actually.

If you only concern the price and privacy protection, Namecheap is second one. Google domain price is higher than Namecheap, if you accept the price of Google domain, you will love it, and they have easy dashboard for your management. Not considering factor of price, both NameSilo and Google domain are better than namecheap.

If you hope to start your work or business in same place, you can check more service the registrars offers in the bottom of the table, most of them can help you create a website from scratch, but I don’t think it is a best way to do everything in one place, there are too many bundle fees.

Best Domain Name Registrar – Other Domain Registrars

We can’t compare all domain registrars and providers, the listed ones are the most popular and best registrars we even used and tried on the web, you can search them and found a lot of resources.

Besides, there are some registrars or provider offer free domain for 1 years, such as Bluehost etc., actaully “Domain.com” do like this too, you need to buy web hosting, then you can choose a domain name free, however, Chemicloud and TMDhosting offer life-time free domain if you use their hosting. Once you don’t use there hosting, the renewal fees will be the regular price you can also try these provider too, see below:

Providers who offers 1 year Free Domain Name

ProviderFree Domain Name DealGo to Website
ChemicloudStarting at $3.95/mo.
Renewal $7.90/mo.
Free Life-time Domain once you active web hosting for annual plan
TMDhostingStarting at $2.95/mo.
Renewal $4.95/mo.
Free Life-time Domain once you active web hosting for annual plan,
but you need to active your hosting in 7 days after you active your account
GreenGeekStarting at $2.95/mo.
Renewal $9.95/mo.
Free 1 year Domain
HostingerStarting at $0.99/mo.
Renewal $2.99/mo.
Free 1 year Domain
Inmotion HostingStarting at $2.49/mo.
Renewal $7.49/mo.
Free 1 year Domain in High-Level Plan
DreamhostStarting at $2.59/mo.
Renewal $6.99/mo.
Free 1 year Domain
HostgatorStarting at $2.75/mo.
Renewal $6.95/mo.
Free 1 year Domain
BluehostStarting at $3.95/mo.
Renewal $8.99/mo.
Free 1 year Domain
Domain.comStarting at $3.95/mo.
Renewal $4.99/mo.
Free 1 year Domain with coupon DOMFREE

If you don’t care about whether the extenstion is “.com”, there are some domain registrar are really free, you can search in google.

Sum up, after compare 5 top best domain name registrars: NameSilo vs Godaddy vs NameCheap vs Domain.com vs Google Domain, I strongly recommend NameSilo firstly, then Google Domain, NameCheap.com and Domain.com can be good choice for you for a long term usage. if you are beiginner, you should have a decision where is the best place to buy domain name, and which is the best domain name registrar, which is the cheapest registrar.

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