Hello everyone, welcome to sitebudding, we are ready to show you something interesting over here at sitebudding office, you will know who we are and what we do.

Our Story

Sitebudding was found by Terry Wong in July 2019, He ever worked in a company for website management and marketing online from 2010,  the ecommerce market online is bigger and bigger from then, he started learn and create ecommerce website for the company. 

Later in 2016, he had his own ecommerce company, but some partners and friends for website creation and some marketing suggestions, most of the time, that’s free service for his friends. Susia (designer) and Leo (researching manager) joined later, a small team established, he decided to build a website to share 10 years of experience, we hope to help beginners to create websites from scratch. 


Sitebudding Mission

Many friends around you and me may want to build a website for their works and business, but they don’t know how to start, and they always though it is very complicated. Terry helped many his friends like that, some of them not only have their own website, but also learned how to create a simple and small site, Terry always proud of what he done, he said there should be many other people he don’t recognize also want to build website too, so our mission is to help these people to learn how to create their website and make it successfully online.

You Will Get to Learn

We hope to help the people or some small company or small team to create their own website, we will take you step by step to materialized your dream.


Yes, We hope to help the beginners to build website when we start Sitebudding, you can read all tutorials and articles without charges. 

But we will put some recommendation (including platform, hosting, builder, etc.) with referral links in articles, if you like and click the links, we sometimes might get a few commission once you subscribe a plan, actually, most of the time, you will get bigger discount from our links than you open links from some websites directly. Yes, only you buy something, we can get commssion, most of the provider and platform offer free plan or trial and money back service, you can ask for refund if you don’t like them, that’s to say we will get nothing if you are not satisfied. 

We hope to make the website for a long time, so please kindly understand us have to do that, and we will be very glad if you can really learn something from sitebudding.

You may hesitate about something at sitebudding as a beginners, we were beginner ever too, we can understand that, we have ten years of experience for building a website, especially for Terry, he helped more than one hundred people or company for their websites.

We will do some researching on the web, and find out the most popular providers, platforms or builders with high views, then we will sign up plans and test them for 1 or 2 monthes, sometimes even half of year, you may thought it may a lot of cost, acutally not, most of the plans have low charges for starters, we are not testing all the suppliers in the market, we will only choose the top ones to test. Then we can receive plenty of data, we analyze and compare which one is better, our own websites are working with the recommed providers, platforms or builders too. you can find more details in our site.