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How websites work – All things you need to Build a website

“How can I start to create a website?”, “what do I need to prepare for creating a website?” are frequently asked questions for beginner, it makes many people stop to move forward. Actually, that’s much easier than you think. This article will eliminate confusion for beginners before building site, and tell you how websites work.

If you want to go for the turorials directly, please see below, but we suggest you read this article to the end if you are a beginner.

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Do I Need Skills of Coding or Web Development?

Many peoples want to have their own personal blog, a wesite for their business or a ecommerce store sell online, but they always ask: Do I need any technical skills to create a website? No, you don’t need to know any skill of coding and web development.

With the rapid evolved of internet technology in these decades, there are many platforms you can choose for building a site that suitable for you or your business, that’s not so difficult as you imagine, some of them offer templates, you just put your informations on the templates, and some others offer builders, you just drag and drop, even if my father, a 70 years old man created a small blog for his Bicycle repair shop, Although I gave some assistance.

However, there are so many information, platforms for website builders, as a beginner, when you want to create your website, you may not know where to start. I think some of you consulted professional company for website building, but most of the time you might be scared away by their quotations; you may also seek help from your friends, if there is still no solution? please continue reading this article, I hope it can help many new guys to solve the problem and make your decision easily.

How Websites Work Exactly

The most popluar ways for creating a website is using builders like cms(content management system) software builders and online website builders.

At most beginning, Let’s see a simple blueprint for how websites work with builders as below.

How Websites Work

How websites work – Are There Any Free Methods to Creat a Website?

The answer is yes, but not forever and you can’t use all essential function.

As I know, most of the beginners searched for free ways before start a website, since they don’t know if it is worth for some paid platforms. as my experience, if you want a long-term and stable website for your work or business, you should choose the paid one, I found most of free ones are included below types:

  1. Free trial in how many day, then you need to pay for subscription monthly or annual after the trial expired;
  2. Free plan forever (basic or starter), most of these type you can create a website, but there is much limit, once you need some essential features, you have to pay and upgrade for higher plan, anyway, you can have a trial like the first type;
  3. Open source softwares for creating website, most of these softwares are really free, but you still need to buy domain name and hosting.
  4. Some online platform may offer free builder forever, and you can use all essential features, but they insert there logo, brands and advertisement, you can’t link your custom domain and remove those information unless you pay for that.

If you still want to create a website with free of cost, you can try some, but don’t waste too much time on that.

If you want a long-term and stable website, I suggest you choose paid way, for beginners, I will recommend some of the most easy ways to create a website with the most reasonable price, anyone can afford it.

But there are many platforms and builders on the web, I think you need to know what they are and what difference between them, then you will know which one is good on you.

How websites work – The Most Popular Builders for Building Site (No coding)

Basically, The platforms can be divided into two groups or types, you don’t need to know coding skills to use them.

✦ CMS Softwares Builders (content management system)

The first type is CMS softweares, CMS means content management system for enterprise or web.

You can download the softwares, add, modify and remove content as you want, and install them in you local computer, server or web hosting, link your custom domain, then you can choose a theme and start your website. Based on market share statistics, the most popular CMS softerware for creating website is WordPress, used by more than 38.5% of all websites on the internet in Oct 2020.

I list TOP 6 best open source CMS (content management system) softwares for building site:

ezgif 7 f6d4b01bc114WordPress
WordPress is  the most popluar CMS for website building, not ‘one of’. It was born for blog at the beginning, and it is open source, well known for its simplicity and scalable with plenty of plugins, so WordPress is also a website generator, you can create blog, business website, portfolio, news or magazines, online store…etc, any website as you want with wordpress.
ezgif 7 7731f63d5dc2Joomla
Joomla is one of the most popular website softwares, it is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing website. Joomla can be used for Small business websites, Online magazines, newspapers , and publications, E-commerce online store.
Q3RSF71IHEXA 180x180 1Drupal
Drupal is a free and open source content management system for create a website, it is very similar like Joomla, but it is elder. Drupal can be used for business websites, information websites and small online store, You can extend it with any one, or many, of thousands of add-ons. Modules expand Drupal’s functionality.
ezgif 7 3f3434d8da8aMagento Open Source
Magento is a CMS for ecommerce online store solustion, it has versions, open source and commerce, commerce is paid version. Magento is the most popular ecommerce website system specially for ecommerce, and it can be used for small business, medium and big business and marketplace, it can be establish for a e-mall too.
28F1QZTSILU4 180x180 1Opencart
You will know Opencart is for ecommerce and online store from its name, it is also an open source cms software, easy to-use, powerful, online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end, it can be built for small and medium business.
ST85Z8WOWQLV 180x180 1Prestashop
Prestashop is an open source platform mainly for ecommerce solution, it is a France CMS software, it is very popular in Europe, and also known in most English Countries, there are many fans in prestashop fourm, it can be used for building online store website for small and medium business, it is easily to use and multilanguage compatible.

There are a lot of CMS platforms, I can’t put them here all, you can check the above Top 6, they have many users, which means you can easily find many information like reviews, comparison, tutorials and solutions.

✦ Online Website Builders

The online builders are more convenient than above open source CMS software, you don’t need to download and install anything, you only need to create an account on their website, choose and subscribe a plan(but the price for subscription is much higher than hosting cost), link your custom domain and choose a template, you website can be started. technically, the online builders are also one type CMS but online.

here are some popular online builders:

ezgif 7 cb6c12b10bd2Wix
Wix is one of the most popular online builder for websites from Isreal, it can be used for build almost all types of website, including information websites like News and Magazines, Business page, personal blog, ecommerce online stores, I regard it as an overall builder, their drag and drop builder make it is very easily to start a website for any beginners.
UWLT3CZD62CU 180x180 1Shopify
Shopify is the most popular online platform for ecommerce solution, it was established in Canada, They offer mulitlanguage in the backend, The mode of shopify is very similar like WordPress, they also have thousands of third-party extensions, which make it is scalable for websites.
8BW39PTL87S4 180x180 1Squarespace
Squarespace is a website and eCommerce service founded on the belief that anyone should take their business from idea to launch and grow. they are more like wix, you can establish most types of the website as you wish, blog, information websites, Portfolios, and ecommerce online store. they offer plenty of templates for different purpose.
ezgif 7 710ab297d08aWeebly
Weebly was found in San Francisco, it is a website and ecommerce solution, you can start online business from scratch or create a store to selling online. It is very easily to build a website with Weebly powerful tools of drag and drops. weebly was acquired by Square in May, 2018
www.jimdo .com nl website gratisJimdo
Jimdo comes from Germany, it is evolving! From a website builder to a software suite made for the self-employed and small businesses, Design your website exactly the way you want it and with everything you need as a small business.
ezgif 7 1ed0a84e1111BigCommerce
BigCommerce has two solutions for Business, Enterprise and Essentials. For beginners and small business, we say essentials, this is for building online store for retail. BigCommerce annouce that they are built for growth, actually the B2B and wholesales service are their primary business, if you want to build a small store, you can try essentials plan.

How websites work – Which Platform is The Best One For Starter?

To select the best platform to start a website, it depens on your requirements.

  1. If you just want to create a blogwordpress is definitely the best choice for you no matter what, since it was born for blog. But if you just want to use a online builder, we recommend you to choose Wix, they have many plans for different solution, and it is easy to create a blog with their drag and drop builder.
  2. For business pages of company, News and magazines, and other information websites, We suggest Wix firstly, Very easy just drag and drop. The second one is wordpress, choose a theme and put your information, you can use wordpress for many funciton with plugins.
  3. if your plan is an ecommerce online store, all of above platform are good for selling online, however, we need only one choice, I can tell you the best one is WordPress with wooCommerce for beginners, both wordpress and woocommerce are free, woocommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce plugins of wordpress.
    You can still choose some online builder for create a online store, but most of them have higher monthly fees and transaction fees, if you have enough budget, you can start with a website builder, We also made a comparison for online store builder, you can check and find the best one for your business.

Why always wordpress? although it also have weak point, there are a lot of advantages, Let me tell you.

Why WordPress is The Best Platform for creating a Website

At first Let me show you some statistics report from W3Techs:

Historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of content management systems October 2020
The data is from all website online
Historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of content management systems October 2020 1
Comparasion with all popular cms software

You can see the market percentage of wordpress in 2020 is about 3 times of 2011, and it is still continued growing. WordPress was starting for a blog creation tool in 2003, it is not for blog building only nowadays, you can find out it is also used by many famous brands like BBC, Walt Disney, Sony……and more I can’t list all.

Why so many people and company use wordpress? here are some reason:

  • Very friendly and easily for using, as I mentioned above, you don’t need any skill of coding and web development, easy to install, and you just need to click.
  • It is Free, wordpress is a completely open source software, you can download, install, even modify and use it anywhere and any time without paying one penny, just a web hosting and domain.
  • Simple and Flexible, the software size of wordpress is very lightweight, you can run the website with good performance even in a small server, and it offers plenty of plugins and themes, you can add many features and functionality with beautiful design as you want.
  • Scalable with more purposes, today’s WordPress is not only for blog, it can be created as a news and magazines site, business website, company page wesite, ecommerce website, online stores(together with woocommerce plugin), and more with tons of plugins.
  • You own your all datas, the website is hosting on web server, which means you can backup and migrate or save whole data of your website, you own your website really.
  • You can find solutions easily when you encounter issues, there are lots of resources, articles, videos and forums, tutorials, since there are so many people use wordpress, once you have some issues, you will get a solution very fast by searhing in google, you never worry about that, cause you are really not alone, 1/3 of the websites are created with WordPress in the world.

I don’t think I need to list more reasons although there are some more indeed, you should know why so many people choose wordpress to create their website, you just gonna have a trial, you will love it.

As a beginner, you may like online builders much more, then you can start with Wix, they are very friendly to the beginners. Anyway, for Beginners, I recommend you to choose one only from WordPress and Wix, no others. Which one is the final one, it denpends on you or your business.

How websites work – What Do You Need to Create a Website exactly

1. CMS Websites, you need to prepare are a custom domain name and web hosting. How websites work with CMS softwares?

In a words, Custom Domain name + Web Hosting + cms software = Your websites.

2. Online website builder, you only need a custom domain name, but you need to sign up a plan to start your website. How websites work with a builder?

Custom domain name + online builder = Your websites

What is Domain (Name)?

Domain is a virtual address of your website, the visitor can find you through the domain, it is always like mysite.com, mysite.net, mysite.org, when you create a new website, you need to give a custom name for the domain, replace ‘mysite’ with the name you created, we strongly recommend you to choose the type of ‘mysite.com’.

You can read this article to find more information and get the best domain name registrar for starting your website.

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting is like a house or a home of website, it is also a server, all data and files of your website are store in the web hosting, when the visitors go to your website, the information they saw are read form the web hosting.

If you are going to create a website with CMS software like wordpress, you need a web hosting to install wordpress and store the data. But you don’t need web hosting if you choose online builder, all the data will be stored in the server of builder provider.

Check this link to learn which is the best web hosting for you to start a website.

How Much Will It Cost to Build a Website?

This may be the most concerned question for beginners, Let me show you:

  • CMS software
    1. Domain, your custom name web address, like mysite.com, USD$8.99~15/year (we are using Namesilo to manage the domains, It is the cheapest domain we ever used in the web, USD$8.99/month, no any hidden fees, you can check the post 5 TOP domain registrars comparison to learn more details);
    2. Web Hosting, where you can store or install your website, the price is from USD$0.99~/month, the lowest is Hostinger shared hosting, $0.99/month, but average hosting price is about USD2.95/month, please check the comparison of web hostings. you can host all you data, backup,migrate your website.
    3. WordPress and woocommerce(if you are going to create a online store) or other CMS software, most of them are free or have free version.
  • Online site builder
    1. Domain, your custom name web address, like mysite.com, USD$8.99 ~ 15/year;
    2. Paid plans, the average price is about USD$25/month for key features to finish a website, some company may offer free domain, but not all. You can’t host your data totally, most of the time you are like a register member of them.

As you can see, creating a website with CMS softwares is much cheaper than building with online builders.

So, How much? if you create a website with worpdress:

  • the average domain price is about USD1/month + and average hosting price USD2.95/month is about USD4/month.

The cost is lower than a cup of coffee in most of place of the world, you own a website once you drink less a cup of coffee per month, and you don’t know how much value the website will bring to you, even if it is not create any profit, just one cup of coffee, correct? do it now.


This article introduces whether it is worth spending time to study free website creation, how to choose the best website platform, and how much it costs for beginners to build a website, I think you can learn how websites work with all information and have a good starting to create a your own website!

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