ChemiCloud Reviews 2021 in-depth, 10 Pros At Least – The Best Siteground Alternative

Chemicloud is one of the relatively new hosting providers that was established in 2016 in Newark, but it grows very rapidly, someone starts to take it as the best SiteGround alternative, I am gonna give in-depth reviews for Chemicloud hosting today including:

  • performance
  • security
  • price
  • Essential Features
  • uptime
  • Ease of use
  • customer support
  • and more…

There’re 10 reasons at least you should host your website on Chemicloud.

  • Our overall rating for Chemicloud: 4.9/5

Overview of Chemicloud

At first, let’s have a glance of the essential features of web hosting and wordpress hosting on Chemicloud, since the web hosting and wordpress hosting are almost same in Chemicloud。

Web Hosting StarterWeb Hosting ProWeb Hosting Turbo
$3.95/mo for sale$6.95/mo for sale$10.95/mo for sale
$7.9/mo Renewal$13.9/mo Renewal$21.9/mo Renewal
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Unlimited Email AccountsUnlimited Email AccountsUnlimited Email Accounts
15 GB SSD Disk Space25 GB SSD Disk Space35 GB SSD Disk Space
~25 000 Visits~50 000 Visits~100 000 Visits
Free Domain for LifeFree Domain for LifeFree Domain for Life
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL/CDNFree Let’s Encrypt SSL/CDNFree Let’s Encrypt SSL/CDN
Free Website TransferFree Website TransferFree Website Transfer
99.99% uptime99.99% uptime99.99% uptime
7 Server Locations Worldwide7 Server Locations Worldwide7 Server Locations Worldwide
Free Daily BackupsFree Daily Backups
1-Click Backup Restore
Free Daily Backups
 Backup Restore
Turbo Boost 
Up to 10x faster
Cloudflare Railgun
45 Days MoneyBack45 Days MoneyBack45 Days MoneyBack

* if you use the chemicloud coupon at the beginning of this article, you can get 60% off when you purchase a hosting plan for the first time, this coupon may be expired anytime.

As you can see it almost includes everything necessary for you to start a website even in the plan of starter, combined with price, it is absolutely one of the most Cost-effective web hosting in the industry you can find. The features that Chemicloud hosting offers are far more than I list above, let me show you more next.

Pros of Chemicloud Hosting

Chemicloud hosting is excellent because you can benefit from a lot advantage to host your website on their platform, There’re at least 10 reason that I use Chemicloud for my website, let me show you all below.

1. Fast Website Speed with Litespeed webserver

The speed for a website should be the topmost factor whatever web hosting provider you choose to start. The below

Dallas chemicloud

As you can see the server response time is less than 10ms in most places, that’ really amazing data. Why it is so fast, thanks to the cutting-edge technology they use, such as all the hostings on Chemicloud use Litespeed webserver to run the websites, it is a high-performance web server, but many people may not know about Litespeed owing to the small market share. Not only the fast speed, I compared 2 of my websites on Nginx and Litespeed, but the website base on LiteSpeed is also obviously more steady than that on Nginx.

The Litespeed offers LiteSpeed cache plugins for many cms website, like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and more, once both work together, the hosting can speed up much for your website. in additional, Chemicloud use other more technologies like HTTP/2, the latest version of PHP, Gzip compression, Keep-Alive and Leverage Browser Caching to make your site faster than ever,

On top of those technologies, Chemicloud offers 100% SSD storage to boost your website’s performance in the aspect of hardware, SSD hard disks can read data 300% faster than general non-SSD hard disks.

For a big website with high traffic, you can choose their Turbo Plan, Chemicloud offers some advanced technologies to meet the large requirements like APC/OPCache, Memcached, and Cloudflare Railgun.

2. Worldwide Server Locations

With Chemicloud, you don’t worry where you located, since it provides multiple server locations around the world, there are 7 data centers in 4 continents of the world, inclouding:

  • Dallas (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Bucharest (Romania)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Bangalore (India)
  • Singapore (Asia)
  • Sydney (Australia) 
ChemiCloud Server Locations Worldwide Data Centers

I think you can find the nearest data center in most of the places in the world, you may ask if data centers in different locations have an impact on the speed of a website? I can tell you, yes, obviously, it will affect your website’s loading time from the end-visitor standpoint, if your website is hosted in the location of Europe, then the people who browse your website in Europe are definitely faster than others.

Sometimes, if your business is not in your location, such as you are life in North America, but your business, your customer and the traffic of your website is from Europe, I recommend that you also choose the hosting server located in Europe, that’s better for the customers and visitors.

However, a server location can’t meet all the requirements for people who come from any corner of the world, and you can’t host your website in multiple server locations, then how? fortunately, there is a new technology called CDN(Content delivery network), and Chemicloud offers it to all the hosting, it uses free Cloudflare CDN.

CDN means the provider has many servers located around the world, if you use CDN for your website, the servers will cache your website and save that in their server, once the visitor browses your website, he will get the cache data from the nearest CDN server, which reduces a lot of loading time to get data from your hosting. you don’t need to know how it works exactly, what you need to know is it will boost your website speed much. but CDN server can’t replace a real hosting server, so it is better if you can choose the nearest data center to you or your visitors.

In a word, they hardly drop any the cutting-edge technology that can accelerate your website.

3. Free Life-time Domain and More Free Features

Any website needs a domain name, and it is always not free wherever you register a TLD of .com. Chemicloud will offer you a free lifetime domain name whatever web hosting plan you purchase. you need to know many hosting providers won’t offer a free domain or only free for the first year. And you need to keep your hosting service be activated for the free life domain, once you end the hosting service, Chemicloud will still charge for the domain you registered.

Besides, Chemicloud also offers many other Free features that you may need to pay in other providers, such as:

  • Free Cloudflare CDN that mentioned above
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Free Website migration in 60 days after your first purchase, up to 50 websites.
  • Free Daily Backup for website

4. Rock-solid Security

Chemicloud uses their custom web application firewall rules to keep your website safe against DDoS, virus, Malware, and constant and unknown threats, they also keep an eye on your website with real-time 24/7 Proactive Server Monitoring, which can stop the majority of attacks even before they start.

ChemiCloud – Hosting That Simply Works

As mentioned above, Chemicloud also provides a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to protect your website with HTTPS, which will keep the sensitive data transferring safe between the visitor of your hosting – encrypting traffic. meanwhile, Chemicloud offers daily offsite backups of your whole website, you can restore it anytime from the cPanel.

In the plans Pro and Turbo plans, Chemicloud hosting offers some free advanced features for security,

  • Imunify360 Proactive Defense – Imunify360 is a next-generation all-in-one security solution. It uses herd immunity and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks, it automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files with malware detection.
  • Advanced Firewall Protection – Advanced firewall protection that uses herd immunity and artificial intelligence to detect new threats and protect the servers then the websites. The firewall is capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, and port scans.

5. Reliable Cloud Platform

All the Chemicloud hostings are base on a Cloud platform, the cloud hosting infrastructure keeps your data safe. the information, files, and data hosted in the cloud are protected against any failure by distributing server data across redundant servers. As I know they also use some infrastructure of AWS, Linode, and DigitalOcean.

Chemicloud uses CloudLinux OS for all of the web hostings, it is the leading platform for multitenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account.

From above features of view, Chemicloud is almost fully armed to your website.

6. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Chemicloud guarantees the highest possible uptime 99.99% for any website hosted on their hosting platform, as our testing with the web hosting for 5 months, the actual uptime is 99.99104%, which means you can rely on Chemicloud that your visitors can access your website anytime without downtime.

Uptime means the exact time that a website is online and accessible to visitors, there’s hardly any hosting providers promise 100% uptime guarantee, and it is impossible indeed, even if some hosting provider claims the feature 100% uptime guarantee, I doubt it, no server no need to maintain. but it may become true as the cloud technology evolved since all data on the cloud platform is redundant, once one server down, the other one can go online immediately.

Anyway, 99.99% uptime guarantee is quitely acceptable to many users.

7. Low Price

I have listed the prices for chemicloud hosting plans in the beginning table, you’ve known it, yes, it offers so many excellent features at the price of $3.95/mo, you will get an even lower price with ta chemicloud coupon HA60. I can say it is really very low, you can compare the prices at the same level on other providers.

Bluehost offers the same price for the starter plan, but you can’t get so many features, while SiteGround provides similar features, but the price is $6.99/mo, and the renewal price is $14.99/mo, it should be the highest renewal price for beginning web hosting plan. Chemicloud only charges $7.9/mo for renewal. You will get the same result if you compare other plans.

chemicloud web hosting

8. Transparency and 45 Days Money-Back

The features in the list of their plans, which you will get, which not, all is clearly with the price, and how you need to pay for the plan is very transparent, for example, if you want to buy the starter plan at price $3.95/mo, you need to purchase it for 3 years at a time as shown in the above image.

You may need some advanced features or add-ons, that you can pay extra when you place an order, those are not shown in the plan list, you don’t worry about some extra or hidden fees for the features you see before you buy.

You can get a full refund(not including the domain name) in 45 days after you make a purchase without any reason and a question asked on Chemicloud even if you find anything unexpected.

9. Super Easy to Use Hosting

Chemicloud uses cPanel for hosting management, it is the most popular control panel for hosting, very easy and friendly to beginners. you can use cPanel to manage the files of your hosting and files, one-click install SSL certificate and CMS like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, and dozens of APPs.

Client Area ChemiCloud

The client area of Chemicloud is also very friendly to use, as you can see in above example, it is a sidebar template, you can manage your service, domain and more, you can go to the cpanel by clicking the icon on the right hand.

10. Unlimited Email Accounts

Once you buy a hosting plan from Chemiclou, You can create unlimited email accounts, you don’t need to host your emails with some provider like Gmail suite of Zoho, the price is even lower, and the emails you send or receive is safe definitely on Chemicloud.

Chemicloud uses technology like SPF, DKIM, and Spam Filters to against spam emails. You can use webmail to check your emails like that for Gmail. if you know how to configure email client software, you can check the email on your local devices.

pexels photo 193003

Chemiclooud’s partnered with MailChannels to prevent your email blacklisting, your emails will be always delivered to the Inbox of your recipients.

11. Everyone loves 24/7 Fast and Expert Support 

As a relatively new hosting provider, Chemicloud offers really good customer support, what they shouted out is no more waiting to any customers and even visitors:

  • Tickets first reply: 10 minutes
  • Live Chat reply time: Instantly

Let me tell you my experience with the support team on Chemicloud, the Live Chat is, as they say, you don’t need to wait, once you send your message, they will give you a reply at once, not by any bot, and I can always fix issues that I encountered. as for Ticket, they will reply you very soon, it seems some department is not 24/7, but their expert will always help you to solve any problem.

In additional, you can contact them by calling, emails or you can leave message on their social accounts.

12. More hosting types and Developer Features

If you are looking for some other types of hosting like WordPress hosting or VPS hosting, Chemicloud also provides those too, the WordPress hosting is almost the same as web hosting, all the features and prices are the same. As for VPS hosting, once the features of web hosting are not enough to run your website, you can switch the web hosting to VPS, Chemicloud will help you to upgrade the plans without any failure.

Chemicloud offers reseller hosting to the customer who wants to do the business of distribution of hosting, you may earn some income with that.

There’re a lot of developer features on the chemicloud too, that’s convenient to some users, as list in below but not limited:

  • Remote MySQL Access
  • phpMyAdmin
  • NodeJS Support, Python Support, Bash Support, Perl Support
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • SSH and SFTP Access

Cons of Chemicloud Hosting

Chemicloud offers so many great features to the hosting, but it also has something defective, if you don’t care about that, then it is not a cons for you.

1. At least 2 years billing period for starter plan

USD3.95 per month for beginners, it is a very good price indeed, but it is a price for 3 years package, which means, you have to purchase the starter plan of web hosting for 3 years at a time on Chemicloud if you want the price $3.95/mo.

Can you buy a shorter period for web hosting? yes, they offer a 2-years plan too, but there’s no 1-year plan, so if you want to purchase the web hosting starter plan, you have to purchase it for 2 years at least. and the price for 2 years is higher than 3 years, it is $4.95/mo, I strongly recommend you to start with the 3-years billing period.

It’s irresolute for many beginners or newbies to buy web hosting for 3 years or 2 years, though Chemicloud offers 45 days of money back, which may make some people move to other hosting companies. However, I think it should be a long-term thing for many people to build a website.

2. Some unknow issues

As a relatively new provider for hosting, Chemicloud have some unknown shortcomings which need more testing and reviews from customers and users, it for sure will take time before people consider the switch, Some users pointed out:

  • Your emails may be got blacklisted, although they use MailChannels, which may be some configuration issue in a few hosting.
  • You don’t try something in the client area if you are not sure specific function, which may make your website gone, I think they always keep improving the client area to make everything worked.

Maybe something more, but I have to say their support team will help you to fix any issue as soon as possible.


chemicloud purple transparentsiteground review for bloggers 12018 09 04 16 33 14512px Bluehost logo
Sale Price$3.95/mo$6.99/mo$2.59/mo$3.95/mo
Renewal Price$7.9/mo$14.99/mo$5.99/mo$8.99/mo
Free Domain NameLife-timeFirst yearFirst year
Free Daily Backups
Monthly Visits~25 000~10 000Unmeterednot clear
Email AccountunlimitedunlimitedPaid5
Server Locations762not clear
Money Back45 Days30 Days97 Days30 Days

You can also find more hosting providers in this article: Top 10 Best Web Hostings 2021 For Small Business (in-depth Reviews).

Rating by us

Combined Chemicloud reviews on internet and ours, We will give a final Rating as in below form.

ImageEssential FeaturesImage4.9/54.9/5

Apply Chemicloud coupon: HA60 to get 60% off Today!

Security and UptimeImage5/5
Ease of OperationImage4.9/5
User Review(Trustpilot)Image4.9/5

Do We Recommend Chemicloud?

Yes, we recommend it, as I said, it is the best siteground alternative.

I used many hostings, Chemicloud may not the best hosting provider, but it absolutely is the top excellent hosting company. You don’t need to think a lot, and you don’t need to worry too much about chemicloud, You just focus on your own business and leave anything about hosting issues to Chemicloud. After reviewing the majority of features of Chemicloud, I think you may have a decision now.

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