How to Create a Website with WordPress in 2021 for beginners – Ultimate Tutorial (7 steps)

You might don’t know where and how to start for a website as a beginner, We are going to show you how to create a website with wordpress from scratch step by step, which is the most popular way to build websites without skill of coding for people nowadays.

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First of all, see below one picture tell you how websites work with wordpress:

Why Create a Website with WordPress

The “WordPress” what we say is not before starting. You have to know that to avoid mistake and unnecessary cost. is an online website builder provider base on, although you can also create websites on, that’s not the most popular wordpress in the world.

let’s see below some statistics report from W3Techs in 2020:

wordpress trends
percentage of wordpress websites in all over the world year by year

We can see the percentage that the people create a wesites with wordpress increased much year by year, almost 40% of the wesites in the world are using wordpress. The Percentage will reach 50% in time, that is to say, half of the websites in the world would be created with wordpress.

WordPress was starting for a blog creation tool in 2003, it is not only for that nowadays, you can find out it is also used to create more types of webistes like News, Magzines, Company website, online stores and more. Even many famous brands like BBC, Walt Disney, Sony…etc, we can’t list all, they also create a website with wordpress.

  •  Very friendly and easily for using, you don’t need any skill of coding and web development, easy to install, and you just need to click. 
  • It is Free, wordpress is a completely open source software, you can download, install, even modify and use it anywhere and any time without paying one penny, just a web hosting and domain.
  • Simple and Flexible, the software size of wordpress is very lightweight, you can run the website with good performance even in a small server, and it offers plenty of plugins and themes, you can add many features and functionality with beautiful design as you want.
  • Scalable with more purposes, today’s WordPress is not only for blog, it can be created as a news and magazines site, business website, company page wesite, ecommerce website, online stores(together with woocommerce plugin), and more with tons of plugins.
  • You own your all datas, the website is hosting on web server, which means you can backup and migrate or save whole data of your website, you own your website really.
  • Many WordPress Hosting Providers, you need a hosting to put your websites if you create a website with wordpress, and many hosting providers offer sepcial hosting for wordpress, even if they don’t have sepcial wordpress hosting, they certainly offers a lot of features for wordpress.
  • You can find solutions easily when you encounter issues, there are lots of resources, articles, videos and forums, tutorials, since there are so many people use wordpress, once you encounter some issues, you will get a solution very fast by searhing in google, you never worry about that, cause you are really not alone, more than 1/3 of the websites are created with WordPress in the world.

We don’t need to list more reasons any more although there are some more indeed, you should know why so many people choose wordpress to build their website, you just gonna have a trial, you will love it.

What do you need to create a website with wordpress

You need to get a custom domain name;
Buy a valuable web hosting with an affordable price;
Of course, you need wordpress.

Step 1. Get a Custom Domain Name

✦ What is domain name?

Domain name is a (internet) address of a website, from which the visitors can find your website, it is something like,,, … and more TLDs, we suggest you get a domain name with .com TLD in prority for ceating a website with wordpress.

Many web hosting companies offer free domain name for first year if you purchase their web hosting, But Chemicloud offers a free domain name for free-time if you order their web hosting. We recommend that you buy domain names from professional domain name registrar for easy management.

If you hope to use domain name offered by web hosting providers, you can ignore this step, and jump to the Step 2 directly.


You can read our comparsion to find a domain name registrar to buy a domain name, to save your time, you can go for NameSilo directly, we use NameSilo too, it is the cheapest domain name registrar, no hidden fees.

create a website with wordpress

A domain name with .com TLD is USD8.99/year, as well as renewal price, apply below coupon code when purchase, you will get USD$1 off for the domain name in the first year.

banner gen

Apply NameSilo coupon: NS01OFF to get USD$1 off Today!

Put your custom domain name in the search form, if the name is not registered, congratulations, you just add to cart and go to Checkout, you will see the price including all other fees, that’s to say how much you see that how much you pay.

Current Cart Contents

The coupon is applied for an example “”, and you can select some options in the board “CONFIGURATION OPTIONS”, NameSilo give further discount if the numbers of domains that customers register up to 50.

Finally click CONTINUE and create an account then make payment, you will get the domain name you want. What we’d like to tell you that NameSilo offers multiple methods for payment, Including some regional payment methods and Bitcoin.

Step 2. Purchase a Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a house or home of any website, the wordpress or other cms website’s data and files will be stored on web hosting. An excellent web hosting is very important for a wordpress website, since it directly affect the performance of websites and also the cost for the website you are going to build.

There are some types of web hosting, please check our comparison and reviews for the web hostings to learn more details.

Let’s see which type is most suitable for beginners since this article is for create a website with wordpress. As a beginner, you just need a small web hosting with essential features and it has an affordable price, we don’t recommend some other web hosting but shared hosting.

Hence, the best one for start is shared web hosting, many providers offers many features for their shared web hosting to enable websites run properly, you can upgrade the web hosting once your website growing.

We selected 10 web hosting providers to compare, absolutely all of them are excellent providers. However, to save your time too, we recommend Chemicloud as the web hosting provider for beginners.


The shared web hosting on Chemicloud should has the best performance with affordable price around the providers. It is the best web hosting for beginner to create a website with WordPress. here are some advantages of Chemicloud:

Free life time Domain name;
Litespeed server with litespeed cache to ensure high-performance for web hosting;
Very quickly response from support team, they will send you a first reply in 10 minutes if you open an ticket, you will talke to the last support person if you chat with them in second time.

Please go and find all details in the review, It will be very similar if you still want to start with other providers

ChemiCloud – Hosting That Simply Works

With $3.95/monthly, you can get a high-performance web hosting and start your websites on Chemicloud.

You will get more discount by using below coupon:

728x90 1

Apply Chemicloud coupon: HA60 to get 60% off Today!

✦ Get started with ChemiCloud Web Hosting

Select the right web hosting type, ChemiCloud have 2 types for beginners to create a website with wordpress, Shared web hosting and WordPress hosting, actually, both are almost same, we used the shared web hosting, so let’s start with that, it only say “web hosting” on Chemicloud website.

1. Choose a plan for starting, we recommend the plan “Web Hosting Starter” for your first website, it includes a plenty of features for performance, security and reliablity, easy to use, $3.95/month is afforable to any people.

SSD Web Hosting From ChemiCloud Starts at 3 95 A Month

2. Click Order Now, it will turn to the page which ask for a domain name, you can register a new domain name or use your existed domain name.

  • Register new domain – If you didn’t do the 1st step or you still don’t have any other domain name, you can put your brand name or new name for your business in the form, I ‘d like to say, this domain is free life time as long as you keep your web hosting actived on Chemicloud.
    • Although the domain with the web hosting plan is free, we still use other domain name registrar that’s because we have not only 1 domain name, it is easily for us to manage them. on the other hand, the second domain from Chemicloud is more expensive than that on NameSilo, and you need to pay WHIOS privacy security fees.
  • Existed domain name – you can just write your domain name you ordered from step 1 or other exist domain in the form.
Shopping Cart ChemiCloud

3. Chemicloud will take you to the cart page once the domain name is available for use, you can choose billing cycle and server location and other additional addon features:

Shopping Cart ChemiCloud 2

We suggest you to choose 36 months, since add $24 more, you can get the web hosting service for one year more, anyway, it depens on you. Then you can choose a server location which is nearest you or your visitors.

For other addtional addons, you just choose none or free version, which is enough for you to running a your first website as a beginner.

4. You can apply discount coupon code in the checkout page we offered, but we don’t know when the code will be expired, so you should speed up if you have plan to order web hosting, or you can wait for Chemicloud Black Friday deals.

Before you make payment you need to create an account. Chemicloud will send an email with all details fo the web hosting to your mailbox which you just registered.

728x90 1

Apply Chemicloud coupon: HA60 to get 60% off Today!

When you login the dashboard of Chemicloud and the cPanel, the system of chemicloud will show you their server are DDos proctected by Cloudclare.

2020 09 28 4

5. Chemicloud offers a very easily and friendly panel for you to manage your account, what you can do on this panel are managing domain, addon, service your subscribed, support and billing.

Client Area ChemiCloud

To manage the hosting, you can go to active services – actions – cPanel.

Step 3. Connect Your Domain Name to Web Hosting

Disregard this step if you registered the domain name from Chemicloud, The domain should has been connected with the web hosting. Step to next.

The domain name needs to be connected web hosting manaully if you ordered them from different providers, We will show you how to connect your domain name to web hosting in this step.

Actually, there are two methods for connecting domain name to web hosting, but we will only show you one method which is more easy and safe for the beginners.

Domain management are very similar in different domain registrars, but we mainly use NameSilo, so NameSilo will be as an example to show you how to do.

1. Log in the NameSilo account, click domain manager⇢the domain name⇢update DNS Records, you can add or edit the DNS record now, then point the domain name to web hosting by adding a “A” record.

Manage DNS

2. Click Blue “A” to create a resource record, it will show you a form like above picture, you just leave it empty or put a “@” in the column of “HOSTNAME”, for some subdomain, you just write the subdomain name like “blog” or something. And enter the IP address of the web hosting into the column “IPV4 ADDRESS”.

3. Where is the IP address? login cPanel of the web hosting from Chemicloud Account dashboard. The shared IP Address is what you want to enter into the column “IPV4 ADDRESS”.

cPanel Main 2 1

4. Finally, submit, That’s it, geneally, you need to wait for a few minutes to few housrs so that the DNS gets propagated worldwide properly.

✻ To know if the domain name is connected with web hosting successfully, the simple way is enter your domain name into a browser to check if it showing something about the web hosting.

✦ Install SSL for Domain and Web Hosting

SSL short for “Secure Sockets Layer”, are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network, which helps to protect sensitive information that’s sent between computers and servers. a website with SSL protection or not will affect SEO directly.

Chemicloud offers Free Let’s Encrypt™ SSL, you can login to the cPanel > SECURITY > Let’s Encrypt™ SSL > Issue a new certificate.

cPanel Main 1
Click Let’s Encrypt™ SSL
cPanel Let s Encrypt™ SSL

Please see above picture, in part of “Issue a new certificate”, we added a subdomain “”, it is separately with, so if you want to install SSL to both of them, you need to issue separately.

Actually, you see a subdomain in, which is a bundle by Chemicloud when you purchased your plan. so if you add any subdomains, you need to issue certificate separately.

We issue the certificate for firstly.

cPanel Let s Encrypt™ SSL 1

Include all domain names as you want, click issue, the system will get back some information if the certificate installed successfully or not.

cPanel Let s Encrypt™ SSL 2
Successed, once it will showing some error information once it fails
cPanel Let s Encrypt™ SSL 3

Enter you domain into a browser to check if the website is protected by SSL, there should be a lock before the url of your domain.


Step 4. Install WordPress

Installing wordpress should be the most important step, however, it is also the easiest step for create a website with wordpress.

1. You can go to the wordpress installation page from two places:

  • by clicking App installer from Chemicloud dashboard
Client Area ChemiCloud1
  • Login cPanel and install WordPress
cPanel Main

2. Press button “Install now” on installation page, the wordpress won’t be installed immediately. it will show you some setting before installing.

Softaculous Softaculous WordPress

3. You need to enter some information, and you can also do some custom setting in the page as below picture.

Note: you need to make sure the domain correct in the field “Choose Installation URL” if you using Parked domains or Subdomains.

Except “Software Setup” and “Admin Account” need your own information, you can leave others empty or default, then click “install” in the bottom.

Softaculous Softaculous WordPress 4

Details of setups and setting as below:

  • Software Setup – Choose the version of wordpress and url for installation, recommend select the latest version, it is more secured for website, if you choose the older version, don’t worry, you can update it in admin dashboard; please make sure choose the correct domain name if you use parked domains or subdomains.
  • Site Settings – including site name, site description and multiple sites setting, you just leave it as empty or default, you can change all these information on admin dashboard.
  • Admin Accountthis is the critical setting, which you need to log into your website manage dashboard.
  • Choose Language – deault is English, if you are going to create a website with wordpress in other languages, you can change it, or just leave it as English, and it can’t be modified in dashboard.
  • Select Plugin(s) – recommend pass it, all of the plugins you can install on dashboard when you need any other functions in future.
  • Advanced Options – setting for database, updating and backup, just leave all empty.
  • Select Theme – If you like some theme in the list you can select one or just pass it.

The progress bar is running, wordpress is being installed, it may take 3-4 minutes, actually, it is much faster and not more than 1 minutes on Chemicloud to us.

Softaculous Softaculous WordPress 3
WordPress being installed

You will see a page showing wordpress was installed successfully, there are 2 URL in the content, one is for your website address, the other one is the admin also the wordpress dashboard address. The website in the screenshot is our another website.

Softaculous Softaculous WordPress 5

4. Check the homepage of the website with wordpress.

2020 09 28
Home page of your website

And this is the Admin login page, enter the username and password you previously set when you install wordpress.

2020 09 28 1
Admin Login page

After you logged in the admin, you will see the wordpress dashboard for your website.

2020 09 28 2
WordPress Dashboard

Basically, the website was sucessfully created, it is running on internet, amazing, just a few steps, anyone can open it by entering your website address in the browser in worldwide.

Is that all finished, of course not, you need to put your own information and set up the websites to make it remarkable and friendly to visitors.

Step 5. Customizing for Website

To make your websites really running and available for the visitors, you need to customize the websites with yours or your business information.

✦ Install a Theme

At first, we need to install a new theme to make it SEO-friend with the business. A theme is actually a template that presents the appearance of your website. You can easily use it to design your website and make your website more beautiful and friendly to visitors and search engine.

2020 09 29
Theme page

WordPress will offers three themes for any new installation, most of the time, those three themes do not offer some funtions and features for people requirements, the site owner will install cutomzied and 3rd-party themes for their websites. If you just want to create a very simple personal blog, you can use wordpress’ theme direct, but you still need to set up the website with your own information.

1. put your cursor on meanu “Apperance” on left side bar, choose Theme on the sub menu, you will see page like above image.

Theme from WordPress

click button “Add New”, there are thousands of themes. To save your time again, we recommend the second theme – YITH Proteo as you see, it is totally free and beautiful theme responsive on different devices. we will name it Proteo in next contents.

we listed more best free themes here you can find in wordpress.

Add Themes ‹ Housescenery — WordPress

Upload a Theme

WordPress also allow you to upload a theme, click upload theme, drag a wordpress theme file to the page. WordPress newbies may not have any other 3rd-party wordpress theme. Actually many people will buy a paid theme for more features since the free themes have limited features, and it is not good for SEO if you change theme once you traffic or business is growth. here are 3 most popular theme market you can get a premium theme.

Themeforest belongs to Envato Envato is definitely a biggest theme market not only for wordpress but also for many other website builder, you can check for further requirements.

2. Hover your cursor on Proteo theme, click preview you can see how it looks, then install and activate it. Proteo will send you a notice to ask you install required and recommended plugins after activated the theme. you just click “Begin installing plugins”, there are a list of 7 plugins as you can see in the below screenshot.

If you are not going to create a online store or ecommerce website, you can install the plugins not related with woocommerce as in below picture showing.

Install Required Plugins ‹ Housescenery — WordPress

3. After pulgins installed, there is a option “Theme Setup” in submenu of Appearance, click and follow the steps,

  • Create and install Child Theme – choose install, why we need a child theme? we may need to change something of the theme when we customize the website, if we don’t have a child theme, the changes will be to the original theme, once the theme updated, what we changed before will be replaced by updated theme, we need to do those changes we did before again.
    But if we have a child theme, all changes will be to the child one, the updation of theme won’t affect the child theme, it will only update the original theme.
  • Install Plugins – skip, we did in last step
  • Import Content – there are 2 choice of demo for you to import, you can choose any one for importing, we selected the demo of Food. after that it will take you to your homepage.
Themes ‹ Theme Setup YITH Proteo 1
Themes ‹ Theme Setup YITH Proteo Child 1

✦ Install New Plugins

Actually, we have installed some plugins when installing the theme. It is very easy to install a new plugins, which is very similar like installing theme.

Go Admin left side menu > Plugins > Add New, we will install plugin “Classic Editor” as an example, you don’t need to install it, it is a elder editor for you to create posts or pages in last versions of wordpress, but it is easy to use, many people still prefer the Classic Editor.

Once installed the plugin, you need to activate it, as to use the plugins, you need to check left side bar find the new installed plugins in the menu and check their documents, all plugins are different.

wordpress plugins

You may see there is a button “upload plugins” after of Add plugins, yes, it is like upload theme, click the button, if you download or buy plugins from other websites, you can drag the plugins file into the page and install that.

✦ Upload Media Files

Any websites will need images or any other media files like vedio, docments, adding media is easy with WordPress. You can either upload media from editing Posts and Pages or you can add media directly to the media library, drag files or select files from your computer to upload.

You can edit the media files by adding the title, alternative Text, a caption, description.

Edit Media ‹ Housescenery — WordPress

Note: Please remember only use free or your own images or photos with license, to avoid any law issues.

✦ Customize Website Step by Step

The next we need to do is starting to change the setting and customize the website with our own information since the whole website are displayed with the demo contents.

Many beginners many feel headache when they see the menu, that’s not difficult, just follow us as below full toturial, you can make your website online very soon. what we say create a website with wordpress is helping the beginners to run the website online totally with your own information.

Step 6. Add Contents

There were also some pages has been added in the website when importing the food demo of Proteo theme, you can check the pages, if you like the layouts and designing, you can keep the pages and modify or replace the pages with your own images and texts for the contents, which may save you some time.

Most of the time, a demo of theme can help you to create a website with wordpress faster. We recommend the beginners start the website with this method. However, the pages from demo may not cover all demand, hence, we should know how to create new pages for a website.

✦ Create New Pages (Admin > Pages)

Before creating a new page, we need to discuss the editors of wordpress, the new editor for the latest wordpress is block editor, it is a more functional than Classic editor in last versions, please read below tips.

If you installed Classic Editor, you need to change some settings in “Admin left menu > Setting > Writing”. (We recommend you delete classic editor to avoid unnecessary confusion for any newibes.)
1. Default editor for all users – Choose Classic or Block Editor,
2. Allow users to switch editors – Recommend check on Yes, if you don’t like one of them, you can switch any time.

Pages are basic parts of a website, just like the cells of an organ, displaying different content through different pages, thus making your website richer and more organized. Web pages can be pictures, articles, videos, products, and any contents as long as wordpres can do it.

Proteo theme recommend a plugin “EditorsKit”, the plugin add more featuers to the WordPress Block Editor, which makes WordPress Block Editor more functional and powerful.

Go pages > add new, at first we add a title, such as “About Us”, see below screenshot.

Add New Page ‹ WordPress
  • 1. on the right top, click editor options button (3 dots), in which you can either switch to fullscreen mode without left admin menu or you can switch visual editor to code editor, but you need to know html code if you use code editor, so we recommend the visual editor for any beginners.
  • 2. there is a rich text tools on the top bar, it is like any text editor, you edit the text with different apperance with the tools.
  • 3. you can add blocks to the pages by by clicking two plus button, one on top left blue button, the other in the editor center black button.
  • 4. the black nut button on the left of Publish button is for page setting which including two tabs, Document and Block.
    • “Document” is for page setting, there are many options as below. (there may be add new options once you install new plugins).
      • Status & Visibility
      • Permalink
      • Featured image – it mainly is for post, used less in page.
      • Discussion – allow comment or not for post, used less in page too.
      • Page atrributes – Parent of page and order of page.
      • Title Icon
      • Header Slider – Choose a exist slider to put it on the top of the page but under header.
      • Sidebar Position and Chooser- Choose a postion and exist sidebar for the page.
      • Header and Footer – show Header and Footer or not.
    • “Block” is for single block setting, you can change the setting of block which you are editing, that’s different setting for different block type, when you choose a block you will know that.

Start Editing Pages

We just started a page with title “About Us” which any website will need to introduce themselves. We will add some blocks and build a simple about page for an example to show you how to create a page.

1. it doesn’t need a sidebar for a About us, so we go Document > Sidebar Position choose option “no-sidebar”.

2. Add a block “Cover” as like in below screenshot. As it explains, you can add an image or video with a text overlay, that’s to say, the image and video can be a background on the bottom, and you can add text on the top.

On the top bar, you can change the width and postions of “Cover block”, we choose full width, that’s full width of screen for any device. You can also change and replace the image or video postion, and add a link to the block too.

We added 2 blocks on Cover block, one is paragraph for text, the next block is separator, it is a short line.

Edit Page ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress

3. Go for next Block, it is Media & Text, it is also very easily to edit, you just upload a image and add some texts. in this block, you can change image postions freely and the width of whole block.

You can add heading, paragraph, list and any text blocks, we added heading and a list, meanwhile, you can edit the colors for text and the block background in color setting.

Actually, we added 3 block of Media & Text, total 4 blocks in the page. Displayed information about ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and ‘contact us’, this is a very simple page, but the page is very beautiful, you can visit the page to see how it is. You can add ‘your team’, ‘clients saying’ and more details when you create a website with wordpress, since we just create this simple page as an example.

Edit Page ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress 1

It is also very easily for you to add other blocks and edit or change settings, although they may be different, no need any coding skills like in our example.

Creating a page is not difficultly, the difficulty is showing as rich as contents. Most of websites include below pages, if possible, you should add these pages in your website:

Besides these pages, you can create any other pages including contents of your business, in a words, the more contents, the more traffic, the more income.

✦ Create New Posts

Technically, Post is one type of page, more posts can be made up a blog, you can do anything on posts as that on pages. But the contents of post are often journal and articles, so it will contain meta details like date, author and comments, although pages can be contain these information, people won’t do that, Posts can be grouped by Categories and added tags too. that’s may be the difference between Post and Pages.

How to create a post, just go Admin > Posts > Add New.

Add New Post ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress

As you can see in above screenshot, the post editing page is almost same as page’s, but posts can be added Categories, Tags, Excerpt, regarding to editing a post is definitely same as editing a page, although there are some funciton from different plugins may not allowed in Post, so please read above step.

Categories (Posts > Categories)

In any blog, or a website that has a blog, more or less, there are groups of post, a series of related post, in short, posts with similar content, etc. We will hope to classify them for better management. WordPress posts have This feature, Categories.

Categories ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress

You can use categories to define sections of your site and group related posts. Each post in WordPress can be filed under one or more Categories. The default category is “Uncategorized” until you change it in your writing settings.

Each Category may be assigned to a Category Parent, allowing you to set up a hierarchy within the Category structure. In creating Categories, recognize that each Category Name must be unique.

There are two ways to create a category, you can add category from Posts > Categories or you can add new category when you create a new post in Block Editor.

It is a very effective function to classify and manage your content and making the visitor to find the related content easily on your website.

Tags (Posts > Tags)

Tags are ad-hoc keywords that identify important information in your post (names, subjects, etc) that may or may not recur in other posts, Tags have no hierarchy so there is no Parent->Child relationship like that of Categories, but Tags name must be unique too.

Like Categories, you can add tags in two ways, from Posts > Tags or add tags in Block Editor when you careate a post.

Both of Categories and Tags are for better management and making it is easily for visitor to find the contents they want on your website.

Step 7. Build websites for different industries

Different industries and use will need a different website, thus there are many different types of websites came out. In the finally step, we will show you how to create a website with wordpress for 3 most popular types.

1. Start a Blog

As we Mentioned in the beginning of the article, WordPress was a tool born for blog, So nothing is easier than wordpress on which to create a blog.

What is Blog

Blog is an online diary type personal website that records life, expresses emotions or shares information by posting articles, pictures or videos. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent or latest post appears first, at the top of the blog.

Set a Homepage

First of all, set a homepage for blog, we can go Admin > Setting > Reading, you can either set the latest posts as homepage directly or you can create a new page named “Blog” and choose it as homepage and leave posts page as empty, in this way, the posts page and homepage will be the same page.

If you don’t want the page “Blog” and Homepage are same one, you can create or choose another page for homepage and set the Page “Blog” as Posts page.

Reading Settings ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress 2

Add New Posts

Once you set the latest posts as the homepage, except to create a new menu for the blog you don’t need to edit or change anything more if you setup all according to our above steps, the next what you need to do is adding new posts with more contents.


If you created new pages for homepage and posts page, you just edit those pages and thenstart to add new posts. We create and set the blog page as home page, as you can see in above image it is really simple and beautiful, when we enter our domain in the browser, it show the blog page directly.

As for how to add new posts, we introduced in above steps.

Make Money

Although a blog was started from online diary or personal website for sharing information, But it is now slowly becoming a content publishing website type. Many people write articles and posts on blogs to promote skill tutorials, share products and more purpose to increase their income.

This is almost the all how to start a blog with wordpress, it is easy to any beginners if you have some niche idea, or want to share your skilles or whatever just start it.

2. Build a Information Website

There are a plenty of websites belong to a Information website type, for example, Company page wesite, Charity website, News and Magazine, Travelling Websites……and more and more.

Actualy, it is a full tutorials from the beginning to the end of step 6, that’s to say, when you read and finished the step 6, you should have known how to build a information website. what you need to do is add your own pages or posts with more contents.

Of course you can install some plugins to add more features or function for your website, like Create paid subscription options to share premium content like text, images, video, and any other content on your website to earn money

Accept credit card payments via PayPal for physical products, services, donations, or support of your creative work like the next step what we are going to show you.

3. Create a Online Store or ecommerce Website

To create a Online store with wordpress, or a ecommerce website, you need to install some ecommerce plugins, the most popular one is wooCommerce, to save your time again and again, you don’t need to consider others, wooCommerce is definitely the best ecommerce plugin for online store on WordPress.

In the article of customizing website, we skipped to install some plugins, that’s for creating a online store, actually Proteo is created for building online stores.

Install wooCommerce

Now you can go Appearance > Theme Setup to start the setup again, install the rest plugins, but Do not import anything again in the step “import content”, since it will be import the demo again and all the content will be duplicated.

After installed the wooCommerce, you will find it on the Admin left menu, click it to start a setup wizard step by step like install Proteo theme.

Total 5 steps for setup:

  • Store Details – your locations and address
  • Industry – what is your business for
  • Product Types – physical products or download products are free, other types of product are paid, it depends on you. Most of online store can be choose physical products directly, which includes any products that selling on Amazon.
  • Business Details – if you are selling products on any other platfrom, just enter that, choose no for not. I ‘d like to say that you should uncheck the below 3 options as a beginner, you can add those in future if your website need those.
  • Theme – of course the Proteo theme, if you are not using Proteo, you can choose the theme you activated, we don’t recommend to use the themes that woocommerce recommend in the theme page.
Setup Wizard ‹ WooCommerce ‹ HouseScenery — WooCommerce 1

It will show you a welcome page once the setup wizard finished, you can start to use WooCommerce, but you need to complete some settings before listing your products.

Settings of WooCommerce

Open the submenu of WooCommerce, there are 7 options, but what you need to understand should be the last three. “Settings” is what we need to do in this step; “Status” is displyed with details of system, database, web hosting, you don’t need to change anything in this option, but it will remind you what needs to be improved or added. As to “Extensions”, it can be enhanced features of woocommerce like plugins of wordpress.

Let’s go WooCommerce > Settings to set each item according to your own requirements.

WooCommerce settings ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress
  • General – edit the store address where your business located; you can set currecies and which countries or regions you are will to selling to, enable taxes and coupons or not in General.
  • Products – you can set shop page (all products page), product reviewing and measurement for products, and shange some settings of inventory and downloadable products.
  • Shipping – you can set different shipping methods for different locations, as well as shipping cost calculation, in addition, it allows you to add shipping classes for similar products types.
  • Payments – manage payment methods, including bank transfer, check payment, cash on delivery and paypal, for collceting payment by credit cards, you need to install some plugins like stripe.
  • Accounts & Privacy – setting for accounts and privacy of customers
  • Emails – setting of sending email notifications to you or your customers, you can also edit and manage the email templates.
  • Integration – an integration for utilizing MaxMind to do Geolocation lookups
  • Advanced – in this setting, you need to do is the pages setup: Cart, Checkout, Account, Terms and conditions, these pages need to be set so that WooCommerce knows where to send users to checkout. As for the rest setting in Advanced, you don’t need to know much in the beginning, and you can contact the woocommerce support for setting those in future if you have some questions.

After you entered your information and finished the setting, you can add products for your store now.

Add New Products (Admin > Products > Add New)

Go to Products add new, woocommerce allows you create product and import products, start create product directly, since anyone must not have any products for new websites from scratch.

add new product
Products Editor

The products editor is actually the classic editor of wordpress we menetioned before. All functions and features are showed clearly.

On the top, you can enter a name for new product, then edit product description in the text editor. Look down, you can see “Product data” in above screenshot, you can create different types of physical products including simple, grouped, external and variable product, as well as virtual and downloadable products.

Add new product ‹ HouseScenery — WordPress

You can edit a lot of options for products, manageing inventory, dimensions and weights for shipping, link related and upsell products, customized attributes and advanced options.

In the bottom of the editor, you can add a short description for product.

There are also a series of options for products, you can add Categories and Tags(it is similar like that for posts,), enable Sidebar and Header and Footer, the most important, you can set a primary image for product and Add product gallery images. Finally, publish your product, your visitor will see your new products.


WooCommerce offers free coupon extension and some other marketing extensions for your ot promote your products, that’s very useful and powerful tools for any new beginners to get their first order.

4. More Types

For more other types of websites like forum, portfoilo, photos & video, you can install the corresponding plugins to meet your demainds


The anwser is No, you don’t need to know any skill of coding and web development with most of cms website builder and online website builder, the most popular builder are WordPress and Shopify

Yes, but not exactly, most of free ones are included below types:

  1. Free trial in how many day, then you need to pay for subscription monthly or annual after the trial expired;
  2. Free plan forever (basic or starter), most of these type you can create a website, but there is much limit, once you need some essential features, you have to pay and upgrade for higher plan, anyway, you can have a trial like the first type;
  3. Open source softwares for creating website, most of these softwares are really free, but you still need to buy domain name and hosting;
  4. Some online platform may offer free builder forever, and you can use all essential features, but they insert there logo, brands and advertisement, you can’t link your custom domain and remove those information unless you pay for that.

If you still want to create a website with free of cost, you can try some, but don’t waste too much time on that.

1. CMS Websites, you need to prepare are a custom domain name and web hosting. How websites work with CMS softwares?
In a words, Custom Domain name + Web Hosting + cms software >> Your websites.

2. Online website builder, you only need a custom domain name, but you need to sign up a plan to start your website. How websites work with a builder? Custom domain name + online builder >> Your websites

Please read here to learn more details

WordPress is definitely the best one for beginner if you are going to use cms website builder.
See here for more details.

Domain name is a (internet) address of a website, from which the visitors can find your website, it is something like,,, … and more TLDs, we suggest you get a domain name with .com TLD in prority for ceating a website with wordpress.

Many web hosting companies offer free domain name for first year if you purchase their web hosting, But Chemicloud offers a free domain name for free-time if you order their web hosting.

A web hosting is like a house or a home of website, it is also a server, all data and files of your website are store in the web hosting, when the visitors go to your website, the information they saw are read form the web hosting.

If you are going to create a website with CMS software like wordpress, you need a web hosting to install wordpress and store the data. But you don’t need web hosting if you choose online builder, all the data will be stored in the server of builder provider.

Hostinger offers a small web hosting free of charge, you can try that.

Almost any types of websites you can create with wordpress, let’s give some example of the most popular types:

  •  blog, personal websites,
  • information websites like Company page wesite, Charity website, News and Magazine, Travelling Websites,
  • portfoil and video websites with plugins,
  • online store or eCommerce website with plugins,
  • auction websites like eBay with auction plugins,
  • forum websites with plugins.

and more wait for you to discover


In the most beginning, we introduced why wordpress is the best platform for building a website, and then details about how to choose domains and where to buy web hostings, installing wordpress, setups and customizing for website, how to add pages and posts, finally, we show you how to build a different website for differnet industries.

Although it seems a long article, it is very simple and easy to understand, we just show more details and hope to help you to create a website with wordpress step by step clearly, meanwhile, which should be save you much time for future.

How to use wordpress to build a website from scratch, the tutorials should be end here. Just starting your websites and enjoy.

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