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How to Install WordPress in cPanel and 2 Hosting panels

As a beginner, you may confused where you can install wordpress and start to build a website, in this article I will show you how to install wordpress with cPanel on any hosting, as well as with Siteground starter wizard and bluehost dashboard.

cPanel is the most popular hosting control panel, most of hosting providers use cPanel in their services, even though siteground and bluehost offers their own control panel to users, you can login to the cpanel.

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WordPress.org and wordpress.com

You should know the “WordPress” what we always say is wordpress.org not wordpress.com before install it, to avoid mistake and unnecessary cost. What are the differences between them?

WordPress (.org) is the most popluar CMS(content management system) website builder in the world, not “one of”, there are more than 35% of the websites in the world are built with wordpress.

WordPress.com is an online website building platform base on wordpress.org, you can also create website with wordpress.com but with higher cost, you don’t need to install anything on wordpress.com to create a website.

So today we talk about install wordpress is from wordpress.org.

Web Hosting

To install wordpress and build website, you have to find some place to store the files and data, so you need a web hosting where you can install wordpress and start your website. You can check our reviews for 10 best web hostings to choose one of them to start.

I choose 3 popular and excellect web hostings and am gonna show you how to install wordpress.

Install WordPress with cPanel On Chemicloud

Chemicloud is a relatively new web hosting provider in the industry, but it is very excellent, we tested the server response time, it is the fastest web hosting of those I ever used, please check here for more information, this is the one reason why I show you how to install wordpress by using chemicloud hosting, the other reason is Chemicloud use cPanel for the hosting control panel.

Most of the web hosting providers use cPanel as control panel for their hostings, cPanel is definitly the most popular control panel, once you buy web hosting from other companies and they use cPanel too, then you can follow this tutorial.

Step 1. Sign up a plan on Chemicloud

Choose Web Hosting Starter plan by clicking button “Get Started at only $3.95/mo” as showing in the below picture, then click “order now”.

install wordpress on Chemicloud

It will go to the page to ask you choose a domain name, if you already have a domain name, then you enter your domain name in the table and check, it will show you if the domain name is availbale. if you don’t have a domain name, you can register a new domain with your name, your business name, your brand name or any name you like, this is free life-time doman name on Chemicloud once you purchase the web hosting plan.

Shopping Cart ChemiCloud

Next, You just follow the page guide and choose a server location and pay for the web hosting, don’t need to order any other addon or extra tools or features. once you confirmed and paid the order, you just login your account and go to the service option, the plan you buy from Chemicloud should be actived.

Client Area ChemiCloud

Step 2. Login to cPanel

Click the icon of cPanel, orange icon as in the above screenshot, login to cPanel. you can overview the features and options on the cPanel, then scroll down to the bottom, you will find something “Most Popular Apps”, you will find the first one is WordPress, click the icon to start to install WordPress.

cPanel Main

Step 3 . Install WordPress

When you click WordPress icon, it will go to softaculous page, you will see the installation page of wordpress, click “install now”, the installer will ask you to enter some information before real installation like Installation URL, admin name and password, and more, please enter URL, admin name, password and email carefully and record these information, all of that are used for logging in your wordpress admin dashboard after the install finished.

For other information, you can leave all of them as default.

Softaculous Softaculous WordPress 4

Once you finished entering all inforamtion, click install, the wordpress is being installed and finished in less than 3 minutes, actually, less than 1 minutes when I install wordpress.

Softaculous Softaculous WordPress 5

Above screenshot is showing the successed page, all done. anyway, Check how is your website now by clicking the url in the page and login to the wordpress dashboard from the administrative URL.

2020 09 28
Home page of your website

The above tutorial is not only for Chemicloud, any providers offers cPanel and softaculous, you can use that to install wordpress.

Install WordPress On SiteGround

SiteGround is a very famous hosting provider with highest reputation in the industry. Please read a in-depth Siteground review to learn more about the company.

The technical department of Siteground developed their own control panel – client area and site tools for the hostings, all of the hosting management are transferred to site tools from cPanel in 2019. that’s easier and more friendly to users than cPanel.

First of all, you need to sign up a web hosting plan on Siteground too, we choose StartUp for starting

Web Hosting Crafted For Top Website Performance Speed

Please just follow the steps of Siteground to purchase the web hosting, once you paid and login to your account, you can start to install wordpress from the client area of Siteground.

siteground clinet area

✦ Install WordPress with SiteGround Website Setup Wizard 

When you login in your account for the first time, you will see a notice asking you if you want to create a new website or to migrate it on your account. Click on button “SET UP Site”.

The setup wizard will ask you for choose a domain, you can register a new domain on Siteground, but it is not like Chemicloud, you need to pay for that, or you can read this article to choose one domain registrar to get a domain and connect to Siteground hosting. after that, the section of wizard will ask you to set up site or migrate website.

Click Buttong on Select Start New Website


You will some choice in the next page, wordpress, wordpress+woocommerce, weebly…, just choose wordpress and click on it.


In the table of Set up login, enter your email and admin password, or generate a new password by the generator, this is same as the that I mentioned in above cPanel for you logging in wordpress dashboard. Once you are ready, click on Continue.

Next, choose what enhancements or addon you want to add to your account – if you want to add any. click on Finish once you are ready for all.


That’s it! You can now go to the front page of your site and check out the newly installed WordPress application. if you have the external registered domain, you can point it to siteground. you can also Go to site Tools to manage your website.

Site Tools
Site Tools

Install WordPress On Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the old and famous web hosting provder, they announced that they are the recommended provider by WordPress in their website, many people (around 2 millions) chose bluehost to create their websites with wordpress.

Like Siteground, Bluehost use their own control panel to manage the websites, you can install wordpress from the control panel directly not cPanel, it is also easier and friendly to users.

You also need to sign up a web hosting plan on Bluehost firstly, I recommend the beginner to choose Basic plan to start the website.

Shared Web Hosting Plans Fast Secure Shared Hosting Bluehost

Click on SELECT button to start the process, it will ask you to choose a domain in the next step, As you can see the basic plan offers a Free Domain for 1 year in above picture, so you can enter you favorite domain name in the table and click Next. you just follow guide to fill information and don’t choose other extra features or enhancements, then pay it.

✦ Install WordPress from Bluehost control panel (Bluerock)

You can start to install wordpress once you completed the payment, login to your account at Bluehost, Click on My Sites on the side menu of dashboard, then click Create Site button on the right side, see detail in below screenshot.

rock bh my sites create site

Now, you’ll be able to fill in some details for your site and email, username/password that you’ll use to login to the admin of wordpress dashboard. once all ready, click on Next.

bluehost signup 6

The installer will install wordpress with in a few minutes, once all done, you can click the My sites on the side navigation again, you can login to wordpress or click your domain to check how the your website is now.

rock mysites log into wordpress

That’s it, easier than you imagine, now you can start to manage your wordpress now.


We introduced how to install wordpress on 3 web different hosting in this article, you should be able to install wordpress for your own website from most of web hosting providers whichever you purchase. if you want to know how to create website with wordpress, please check our ultimate tutorial.

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