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How to Start a WordPress Blog on GreenGeeks in 2021 Quickly for Beginners (5 Easy steps)

You may be preparing for a long time to start a WordPress blog for sharing something or some good ideas, that’s indeed a very popular thing and a good idea in itself! However, you don’t know how or where to start your blog as a beginner or not good at web knowledge.

Who was not a beginner or a newbie ever? yes, I was a newbie, and I am a newbie to any new knowledge, but I learned how to start a WordPress blog, even build a website by myself, there is a lot of information displayed on the web, you may search to learn too and get what you want, the problem is so much info, which one is good, which one is suited for a beginner?

I combined that info and my own knowledge and write this post to showing you the easiest way to create your own blog. Follow me, start your own blog today.

I need to introduce something about Blog or other info to the visitor of this article, the purpose to make you a better starting. someone may hunger for more knowledge, but someone may not like that, if you don’t like read these info, you can skip these and go to step 1 directly.

What is a Blog

You can hear and see people always say blog, blog, blog, but do you know why it is called ‘Blog‘? most of the people don’t know the reason, the ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’ -> web log, weblog was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997, you must know web and log, and have some thinking in your brain now.

Yes, weblog is also for recording something on the web like log too. the difference is weblog for people writing or sharing something online, such as recording their life, work, knowledge and more, it is more like an online diary or journal.

However, ‘weblog’ was jokingly broken as the phrase ‘we blog’ by Peter Merholz.  many people start to use blog in their posts and articles, the word ‘blog’ gain unexpected popularity and became an Industry term till today.

What Purposes Can Be Used For a Blog?

To start a WordPress blog, you should have your purpose, the simple one like I mentioned above is building a blog for a diary to write something about life or works. Nowadays, the blog can be used for more purposes as below:

  1. of course, still as a personal diary to record people’s life;
  2. for sharing something interesting, knowledges, tutorials, and more;
  3. journal of so companies or big websites;
  4. for promoting business, brands, products;
  5. for writing posts and articles to get some revenue, like affiliate marketing…
  6. …… anything as you like with your great ideas.

Although there are many mediums on the web, most of them are agencies or companies, In fact, the blog also plays the role of medium, but it is more personally used to share and spread a lot of personal knowledge and information.

Why WordPress

At first, you need to know the WordPress we are saying is wordpress.org, not wordpress.com. The blog is very popular, everyone knows that, but there are also many methods for people to start their blog:

  • creating a space or blog base on some blogging websites/platform, like blogger;
  • starting a personal blog website, you can use wordpress or other content management systems(CMS).

With the development of the Internet and technology, it has become easier to build a website, more and more people choose to this way to start their blogs, this not only does not need to be restricted by the rules of platforms, but it is more dedicated, moreover, a personal blog website may get more traffic on Google and other search engines.

CMS percentage-Start a WordPress Blog

Today, what I want to say about start a blog is also build your own wordpress website. There are so many methods, tools or platforms to create a new website too, however, I only recommend you to choose WordPress to start a blog, why, WordPress is a professional BLOG system, I can say it was born for blogging, not yet, it has more advantages besides:

  • It is Free, WordPress is a completely open source software(content management system), you can download, install, even modify and use it anywhere and anytime without paying one penny, what you need are a web hosting and domain.
  • Very friendly and easily for installing and using, you don’t need any skill of coding and web development, what you need to do is clicking.
  •  Simple and Flexible, the software size of WordPress is very light weight, you can run the blog website with good performance even in a small server, and it offers plenty of plugins and themes, you can add many features and functionality with beautiful design as you want.
  • You own your all datathe website is hosting on web server, which means you can backup and migrate or save whole data of your blog, you own your blog really.
  • You can find solutions easily when you encounter issues, there are lots of resources, articles, videos and forums, tutorials, since there are so many people use wordpress, once you encounter some issues, you will get a solution very fast by searhing on the web, you never worry about that, cause you are really not alone, more than 1/3 of the websites are created with WordPress in the world.

The advantages for WordPress is far more than I listed, but I think some people(maybe including you) may want to try and start a wordpress blog now.

Step 1. Choose a domain name – Start a WordPress Blog

You will need a domain name to start a wordpress blog, A domain name is not only a name, it is an internet address of a website, like something xxx.com, xxx.net, xxx.org and so on, the visitors will find you through your domain name. You can use any name/phrase/words for your domain and search the domain name with registrars to check if that is available.

Buy Domain name from Registrars

There are so many registrars where you can buy your domain name, it may be hard for you to find a good provider, please check our article 5 Top Best Domain Name Registrars Comparison to learn more info about domain name and find where is the best place to buy a domain name. if you don’t want to read that article, to save your time, I recommend you to choose NameSilo to register your domain name, it is cheap and safe, no hidden fees.

Buy Domain name from hosting providers

There’s no much distinction between domain name registrars and hosting providers, you can register a domain name from providers too. most of the hosting providers offer 1 year free domain name if you buy their hosting, and a few providers offer life-time free domain name, like Chemicloud and TMDhosting. Please see the table to see the providers who offer free domain name.


I have more than 2 domain names, for easily management, I register all domain names on NameSilo, there’s nothing I need to worry about. Let’s see how to register a domain name through NameSilo,

1. go to NameSilo:

create a website with wordpress

2. Enter your domain name in the search form, if the name is not registered, congratulations! you can buy it directly, the price is always USD8.99/year, it will be lower when in some shopping season.

3. add the name to cart and click go to checkout, you can still get 1 dollar off by applying the below coupon code if you buy a domain name from NameSilo at the first time.

4. in the “current cart contents”, you will see the price including all other fees, the price you see will be how much you need to pay, once you put the coupon code, you will see the discount available.

Current Cart Contents

5. Click Continue, you can choose your favoriate method to make payment, Namesilo offers a lot of payment methods, including credit card, paypal, even bitcoin and more. after you paid for the order, you get the domain name.

Step 2. Buy a Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting – Start a wordpress Blog

What is a hosting?

To building a blog website, there must be some files and data, such as images, web pages, where should you place these files? A hosting is playing this role, so you also need a Web Hosting for building a blog website with wordpress, the domain name is like address of the website, then the web hosting is like a space or a house to store the files and data of website.

You can read this post: What Is Hosting And Domain? Best Recommended to learn more info about domain name and hosting.

Where to Buy a Best Hosting

When you search hosting through Google, you will find many web hosting providers on the web, most of them are very excellent, they are similar but different, that’s hard to choose one for beginners. I used many web hosting service, so I choose some famous, high performance, affordable hosting share here, and This website Sitebudding is hosted on GreenGeeks.

Actually, there are more other excellent providers like Chemicloud, Hostgator, Dreamhost, etc. I can’t show you all of them, you can check here to find more excellent hosting companies.


The main reason I choose Greengeeks is that they are committed to the environmental protection of the earth, moreover, they provide excellent hosting services, high-performance web hosting, affordable price, you can also use their hosting to start a wordpress blog with their own customized Onboarding Wizard easily.

1 . Go to GreenGeeks website:

GreenGeeks® Fast Secure and Eco friendly Hosting

2. Click on GET STARTED NOW, You will see a page with different packages for your choice, the Lite one is enough for any beginners to start a wordpress blog. Choose It and Get Started.

3. GreenGeeks will ask you to Setup your domain name, if you skipped Step 1. Choose a domain name, you can register your domain name here, otherwise, please enter the domain name you already registered in the Step 1.

Order Form GreenGeeks® 2

4. Click on Next, in the this page, you need to fill out your account information, choose package information and payment information.

Order Form GreenGeeks®

In the Package Information, you can choose different package plan, 1 month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years, the prices are different, the price $2.49/mo. you see is for 3 years plan, if you don’t need a long term plan, you can choose 1 year. I recommend you choose 3 years(Triennially), total amount is about 89 dollars, and you can use for 3 years, very Cost-effective.

you can select a server locations too, GreenGeeks offers 3 locations: Chicago in USA, Montreal in Canada and Amsterdam in Neatherland.

5. once you confirmed all informaiton, you can click on Create Account, meanwhile, the order is confirmed, and you will receive 4 emails about the orders and your account login information.

Order Form GreenGeeks® 3

Now you can login your account to check your order details, the system will send some code to your email or your phone to verify the login at first. please see the dashboard in the below screeshot.

Start a Blog with wordpress

Connecting Domain name and Hosting

✻ You just skip this small step if you registered the domain on GreenGeeks, it should be connected with the hosting when you place the order.

My domain name was bought from NameSilo, not from GreenGeeks, so I need to connect my domain to GreenGeeks hosting. Let me show you some simple steps how to connect domain name and hosting that from different providers.

NameSilo will be an example to show you how, if your domain is not bought from Namesilo, you need to login to the account of the provider too. No matter which registrar or provider, the processing of connecting are very similar:

1. Login to the NameSilo Domain name manage dashboard, to point the Domain to GreenGeeks hosting, you need to change the domain host name server to GreenGeeks’name server, from the Namesilo dashboard->domain manager->the domain name->NameServers, click on change, change name servers toname server for Greengeeks, each line in one row:


Then go to Namesilo dashboard->domain manager->the domain name⇢update DNS Records, you can add or edit the DNS record now, then point the domain name to web hosting by adding a “A” record.

2. Click on Blue “A” to create a resource record, it will show you a form like in below screenshot, you just leave it empty or put a “@” in the column of “HOSTNAME”, and enter the IP address of the web hosting into the column “IPV4 ADDRESS”. Where to find a IP address, please see next.

Manage DNS

3. You can find the IP address of GreenGeeks hosting from your account dashboard -> Hosting(left side)-> the hosting you just bought -> Manage, and the IP is showing on the tab of Account Information as in below screenshot:

Shared Hosting GreenGeeks® 1

you can find the IP address from cPanel too, the below image show where the ip address is in the cPanel, even if you buy a hosting from other providers, only if they use cPanel as control panel, you can find the IP address in this area, the below screenshot is from Chemicloud:

cPanel Main 2 1

4. Finally, submit, That’s it, geneally, you need to wait for a few minutes to few hours so that the DNS gets propagated worldwide properly. To know if the domain name is connected with web hosting successfully, the simple way is enter your domain name into a browser to check if it showing something about the web hosting.

Install SSL certification

SSL is short for “Secure Sockets Layer”, are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network, which helps to protect sensitive information that’s sent between computers and servers. a website with SSL protection or not will affect SEO directly.

You have to make sure the Domain name connected with hosting successfully before install SSL certification for website, although the website is not creating, you can install it in advance. It is very easy to install SSL certification in GreenGeeks dashboard, and the certification is free.

1. Located to the Security on the left side in the GreenGeeks account dashboard, click on the green button on the right top: ADD SSL CERTIFICATION.

Security GreenGeeks®

2. Select a Service and Domain, no need say much, just select the domain and the hosting that you want to add SSL certificate

3. Select a Provider, GreenGeeks offers 2 types of SSL certificate, one is free -> Let’s encrypt SSL. the other is Premium AlphaSSL, you need pay for thisone. Let’s encrypt SSL is good for a new beginning Blog. so just select Let’s encrypt SSL.

Add SSL Certificate GreenGeeks®

4. this processing step will ask you to confirm the domain name and hosting again, you need to make sure domain name has connected the hosting, once everything is done, you can click on CONFIRM AND CREATE. If everything is setting up properly, it will show you the successful page.

It seems everything is ready, the next you need to do is install wordpress and start your blog.

Step 3. Install WordPress and Start a wordpress Blog

There is nothing easier than building a website with wordpress on GreenGeeks, this is another reason why I choose GreenGeeks. You can one click to create your wordpress blog website by using GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard.

GreenGeeks® 1

1. Go to the GreenGeeks dashboard, the landing page should be the Quick Launch Wizard, if it is not the wizard page, you can follow this: Hosting(left side) -> Select the hosting -> Manage -> Account Information -> Quick Launch Wizard. As you can see 4 options to create a website:

  • Start new Website – create a website or start a wordpress blog or other CMS platforms, this is what we will use.
  • Migrate Website – if you need to transfer website from other hosting, then you choose this one, but I don’t think you don’t have other websites as a beginner.
  • Starter Site – From the introduction, this type should be a customiation option, then GreenGeeks will help customers create a websites according to their requirements.
  • Skip this – you will take care of all the setup yourself.

Select the first one Start new Website and WordPress, click on continue and go to the next step Setup.

2. In this step, you can configure some info for the blog website:

GreenGeeks® 2
  • Site information – Site title, site description and the doamin, make sure the domain correct, the rest information can be leave as default, because you can change all of those information in wordpress
  • enable SSL – enable
  • pick a theme – choose defualt, you can change themes in wordpress too.
  • Select Plugins – don’t need to select any plugins, you can install the plugins in wordpress as required in future.


3. The Wizard will deploy your website in less than 1 minute, what? less than 1 minute? yes! you are right, after finished, the page will show you successful page and the wordpress account details.

GreenGeeks® 3

4. Login to the WordPress Dashboard to check the admin or enter your domain in your browser to check your website. The below screenshot is the latest landing page/homepage of the wordpress website blog.

My Blog – My WordPress Blog

Basically, the website was sucessfully created, you will see your blog is ready. it is running on internet, amazing, just one click with GreenGeeks, anyone can open it by entering your website address in the browser in worldwide.

Is that all finished, of course not, you need to put your own information and set up the websites to make it remarkable and friendly to visitors.

Step 4. Install Theme, Plugins and Customize Your Blog – Start a wordpress Blog

Although your blog can be browsed by other people in the world, it is only a default template of WordPress, it is very simple and not friendly to SEO and visitors, you need to install a theme and some plugins to improve this situation, then customize your website, which will make it more unique.


A theme is actually a template of the appearance for the website, it can be display your website with different layouts and add some functions, You can easily use it to design your website and make it more beautiful and friendly to visitors and search engines.

Where You Can Get a Theme

When you setup GreenGeeks Winzard, the site has been installed the default themes of wordpress, which should be installed 3 themes during the installation, As I said, most of the time, those themes are not very good for a blog, it is too simple and lack of some features, anyway, if you like the style, you can use one of them.

But I still suggest you to install a new theme for the 3rd-party, because there are thousands of beautiful themes for WordPress from wordpress.org(the official WordPress website) and the whole internet, and many themes are free for using. If the free theme is not enough to support your website growth, you can buy a paid theme. Besides WordPress supply themes, You can buy themes from some other marketplaces:

Start Install Theme

1. The easiest way to install a new theme is going to your wordpress admin, from the left navigation on the dashboard, click on Appearnace -> Themes -> Add New, you will see thousands of themes, actual more than 8,000. most of these themes have free version, and the free themes are very good for a new blog.

Add Themes ‹ Sitebudding — WordPress

You may not know which one is suit for you, please don’t worry, read our article: 15+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes & Templates, I‘ve selected 15+ excellent free themes for everyone, all these themes are suit for you to start a wordpress blog. I use Kadence for my website, and Astra, GeneratePress, Blocksy, Neve, etc are also very famous, especially for Astra, there are many Templates for different industries and Niches.

2. In the page of Add Themes, enter the theme name in the search box, like ‘Kadence’, it will show you the relevant themes, hover to the theme and click on install, the theme will be install after a few minutes, you need to manual to activate the theme, once you active the theme, you can check how is your blog homepage.

3. Kadence will ask you to install a plugin Kadence Starter Templates, it contains some finished design templates for website, you can import the templates to your blog and customize your website with your own information, it can save your much time. the theme includes 12 beautiful templates for Gutenberg Page builder and 9 templates for Elementor builder.

Starter Templates by Kadence

4. Importing a template, for example, I select ‘Recipe Blog’, you can see importing setups in below image, you can choose different color and fonts for the template, you can also importan any single page or import the full template. I suggest you import the Full Site, Click on it, it will take a few minutes to finish it. Once it finished, you can check your homepage of the blog, it should be same layout as the template.

Starter Templates by import Kadence

This is the method to install through the Admin, no need download. if you get or buy themes from other place not from the WordPress admin, you can go Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload themes, then activate the theme, the next is same as above.

I want to say it is very similar whatever theme you are going to install, not only for Kadence, you can try others too if you are interested in.

Install Plugins

Actually when you install a theme, it always asks you or install the required plugins at the same time, like Kadence, you need install Kadence Starter Templates and other plugins, but that will install automatically. You can add more features by installing other plugins manually, like some plugins for performance, security, seo, social plugins, etc.

Add Plugins ‹ My Blog — WordPress

Installing Plugins is almost the same way like installing Theme, Go to admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New, search the plugins you want and click on install button, then active it, that’s it. As for the plugins you download or buy from other place, you can go admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> upload Plugin, then active it.

Setup and Customize Blog

After you install Theme and all required plugins, you can start to customize and design your blog to make it more individual.

1. Setting of Admin

You don’t need to setup all the setting on the left side navigation, Click Setting and follow me:

  • General Setting – Here are some basic info about your website, the main options you need to set is Site Title and Tagline, Site Title is the name your website, don’t change it frequently once you save the site Title, it will impact on the SEO effective. and the Tagline is the description about your website, I don’t recommend the description too long or too short.
    As for other options, Keep URLs not changing, you can change the rest options as you like.
  • Writing – This is for the posts and pages setting, recommend to keep it as default.
  • Reading – You can set the webiste homepage and the blog homepage, because this tutorials is for blog, you can set both are same pages, or keep anyone as blank. As for Search engine visibility, you can check it once your website is ready, but I don’t think that’s is very important now, since you can finish a website in a short time, just like this tutorials.
  • Discussion – Setting about Post fo Blog, don’t need to change。
  • Media – Media files setting, keep it as default。
  • Permalink – Select and check Post name,then save it。
  • Privacy – you can sepecify the privacy policy page in this setting, once you add a page of Privacy Policy, you can save it here。
  • Kadence Blocks – this is a Kadenc Blockls setting, no need to change anything, if you are not use Kadence Theme, there is no setting here.
Permalink Settings WordPress

When you install some Plugins, It may add a related settings in the submenu of Settings. you can modify the settings for those Plugins here too.

2. Customizing Blog with Theme

Customizing Blog should be the last step of build the blog website, once you finished this step, you can add pages and write post to start a wordpress Blog. Because different theme will have a different customizer, I will use Kadence as an example to introduce how to customize a blog website.

Open the customizer, go to Appearance -> Customize, in the customizer page, the left part is the options of customizer, and the right part is a live website preview, you can change the settings for different device like desktop, tablet and mobile in the customizer, because the Kadene theme is responsive. And the customizer is very good for beginner, since when you change something in the left, it will showing the effect in the right preview.

Customize Wordpress

Let’s see what these options are used for and how to set them too:

  • General – Every theme should have similar setting in the customizer. This contains the settings of layout, color, font, sidebar, buttons and more, all of these settings are depen on people’s preferences, you can change each one and check the effect on the right preview, or you can keep all as default, since the default template is very beautiful. As for Breadcrumbs and Performance, you can check all sub options.
  • Header and Footer – Kadence Use an advance builder for header and footer, you don’t need any templates for headers or footer any more with the builder, The builder hase 3 Rows for header and footer, you can add widget to each rows in different column, which is not only friendly to any beginners, but also can make the header and footer unique as it can be customized as different people’s requires.
Customize Sitebudding header footer
Header and Footer builder
  • Page Layout, Blog Posts and Search Results – You can design the layout for different pages with these settings, they are pages, blog single post and blog archive page, Search results pages. Recommend you set the layouts base on the related page. for example, you can land to the page of any single page, click on the the top customize menu, and then change the layouts.
  • Site Identity, Homepage Settings – you can add logo and site icon in Site Identity,Homepage Setting is same as the Reading in the left Setting of Admin dashboard.
  • Menu、Widgets – I recommend you set this two from the admin dashboard -> Appearance. Menu is a navigation of your websites, you can add some different menus, like top menu, footer menu or social menu. the Widgets is a special features in WordPress, you can add and customize the widgets from Appearance -> Widgets, and put the widgets to footer or sidebar, it is also available for Header in some themes.
Menus WordPress
  • Additional CSS – CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets, it is a style sheet language for website development, you can add css to modify the layout or appearance of the websites, but you need to understand the css language, that’s something with code, if you don’t understand, skip it.
  • import/export – you can backup all the setting of customizer, restore, import and export to different wordpress website with Kadence Theme.

You May not use other themes and the customizer is not same, but all the settings are very similar, you just change the settings one by one as your requirement, no more difficult.

Step 5. Add Contents – Start a wordpress Blog

After you finished the customizing, your blog is genuinely ready. Now you can add pages and posts to display your own info on your blog.

But I recommend you to add some pages firstly, which can make your blog looks complete and more professional, so that search engines will like your websites, as well as the visitors. you can add some pages like About, Contacts, Private Policy and other pages that required for your blog.

Add Page

When you import the template from theme, it should import some common pages too, I imported the template ‘Recipe Blog‘, it imported the pages as in below screenshot. Different Templates will import different pages, the pages have different layouts too. you can delete the pages you don’t need, you can put your cursor on the title and click edit to modify each page as your requires, you can add new pages of course.

Pages ‹ My Blog

How to add a Page? Go to Pages -> Add New in the left navigation, the Gutenberg block page builder will be opened for you to create a page. For example, I add a page with title ‘About Us’.

Add New Page WordPress

Please see below the functions for each part indicated in above picture:

  1. Title, the name of your page/pots
  2. Add new blocks – there are 2 places you can add blocks, as you can see 2 black icon +, yes, these 2 icons are for add different blocks, you can add any blocks from the block library, which can be very rich the web pages or posts
  3. Here you can change block types and set the text styles, such change font types and colors or add underline, etc. this part can be sticky with the block that you are editing.
  4. Page and Block Settings
    • Page / Post – Page status, Permalink, Feature Image and more.
    • block – change the block styles and layouts and more.
  5. Page Layouts – this setting was added after you installed the theme, the original block builder don’t have this option, not all themes will add this function here, it depends on what themes you installed. you can change the page layout like allow sidebar or not, change the width of page, change the content width, enable or disable feature image and header or footer.
  6. Kadence Blocks Settings – you will see this icon only if you install the plugin of Kadence Gutenberg blocks, you can change some universal setting for all the Kadence blocks, like add more default colors for choice, or change the defualt fonts.
  7. Gutenberg Block Builder Settings – you can change some setting for this builder, like changing the builder in admin or full page mode, and more as you like.

You don’t need always add new pages once you add the required all, and you can focus on the Posts, this should be the core of a blog.

Add Posts

Add a Post is basically same like add a Page, because both of them are created and edited by the block page builder, you can add a new posts from Posts -> Add new, and then edit it like you do that to a page. the difference is you can add categories and tags to posts but not for pages, in additional, posts for contents and page for funciton.

Categories (Posts > Categories)

In any blog, or a website that has a blog, more or less, there are groups of post, a series of related post, in short, posts with similar content, etc. We will hope to classify them for better management. WordPress posts have This feature, Categories.

Categories ‹ My Blog

You can use categories to define sections of your site and group related posts. Each post in WordPress can be filed under one or more Categories. The default category is “Uncategorized” until you change it in your writing settings. Each Category may be assigned to a Category Parent, allowing you to set up a hierarchy within the Category structure. In creating Categories, recognize that each Category Name must be unique.

There are two ways to create a category, you can add category from Posts > Categories or you can add new category when you create a new post in Block Editor. It is a very effective function to classify and manage your content and making the visitor to find the related content easily on your website.

Tags (Posts > Tags)

Tags are ad-hoc keywords that identify important information in your post (names, subjects, etc) that may or may not recur in other posts, Tags have no hierarchy so there is no Parent->Child relationship like that of Categories, but Tags name must be unique too. Like Categories, you can add tags in two ways, from Posts > Tags or add tags in Block Editor when you careate a post.

Both of Categories and Tags are for better management and making it is easily for visitor to find the contents they want on your website.

Earn With Blogging

This may not be your purpose to start a wordpress blog, but this may be the main purpose for some people, anyway, if the blog can bring some income to you, that’s really a fantastic thing. How to earn some money through a blog, here are some ways.

start a blog and earn

1. Start Affiliate marketing on blog

Affiliate Marketing is one way to earn commission once you sell products or service for the suppliers or providers. The product suppliers or service providers will show their Affiliate program on their website, anyone with the qualification match their requires, they can create an account to get Affiliate links, yet some providers don’t have limit for the affiliate members, anyone can get links once they create account.

The members can write blog posts, or share the links to anywhere, like social platform, once any buyer click the links and buy something, the Affliate member can get Commision. Affiliate Marketing is becoming the most popular purpose for people to start a wordpress blog. Not only the product suppliers or service providers have their own affiliate programs, but there are also a lot of affiliate market, like Shareasale, Clickbank and more.

The most famous affiliate market is Amazon Affiliate Program.

2. Add banner advertising

To put some advertisements on website may be the most well-known methods to earn money, When you visit some websites, you may see some banners on the page top or in the page or on the sidebar, the banners are showing some promotion ads, most of those are very attractive, you can’t stop to click on the banners, once you click, the website owner wil get some ads income.

This kind of advertisement including 2 main types:

  • CPC (cost per click) – You’ll get a set payment for every visitor who clicks an advertisement
  • CPM (cost per thousand) – it is also called cost per thousand (CPT), you will get a set payment for one thousand views or clicks of an advertisement, the views or clicks refers to something called impression of the advertisement.

Yes, you can do this too, the easiest way for any beginners is creating an account with Google AdSense.

3. Using your blog to promote your own business 

Of course, you can use your blog to promote your won business, if you have your own business regardless of online or offline, you can write some blog to introduce your products or service and guide their how to buy, you can insert your shop link or put your address on your blog.

Most of the seller or even Company, famous brands are creating their own blog to write the journal.

4. Write sponsored content

Writing sponsored content is an advanced Affiliate marketing, which you need have grown your readership,we can say fans or traffic, some brands or companies will contact you to discuss sponsored posts, you can write some promotion articles and get the recompense from the company or brand meanwhile, you can still instert your Affiliate links.

5. Land yourself a Part-time job

If you are student or you have some good idea, or you have are good at some skills, you write some articles to share your ideas and show your skills, and some companies or agencies like your ideas to hope to pay for your skills and gain what they want, they may reach out you.

Think of this way, if you are a student, you may get their part-time job when you in your college, If they really appreciate you, they may offer a job right after you graduate if you are interested。

Actually there’re many other ways to get payment from your online blog, as long as you want and it is legal in local place.


I always say it is very easy to start a WordPress blog, but it seems I wrote too much for this tutorial, that’s because I was trying to make everything as clearly as possible, And what the important is you can really start a WordPress blog with any resources, not totally copy the tutorial from me. Long story short, if the domain registered on GreenGeeks too, to start a WordPress blog on GreenGeeks, what you need to do is buy hosting -> add SSL -> start new blog website with Quick Launch Wizard -> install theme and plugins -> customize the website and add contents, that’s it, Enjoy your own work.

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