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SEMrush Reviews: SEO tools, Pricing, Free Trial

  • Our overall rating for SEMrush: 4.6/5

Hi Guys, do you want your website to be ranked in the first page and get more traffic in google or any search engine results? Here you go, SEMrush is one of the best online software platform to improve your website SEO and ranking position. Now you can get a 7-day free trial of SEMrush’s Pro or Guru premium plan, which contains more than 40 tools with mulitple languages.

SEMrush Free Trial

You might as well give it a try as it’s free, that’s really a very good opportunity to audit your website and improve it.

SEMrush Reviews- Free Trial

For most people who own, built or operated a website, SEMrush is certainly not unfamiliar to them. Many people know that this is an online platform with toolkits that focuses on SEO to help websites increase online visibility and traffic, but they don’t know what specific tools included and how to use them.

I will write a in-depth review for SEMrush in this article to show you if it is worth to use SEMrush and how it works.

What is SEMrush used for

SEMrush is known as a SEO tools as I mentioned in above, but not limited to this. it was started as a SEO company in 2008, and now SEMrush is envolving the biggest online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform.

Before you know what SEMrush can be used for, I think you need to learn what are SEO and SEM:

  • SEO – short for Search engine optimization, it is the process of improving online visibility and traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets Organic/Natural traffic that not from advertisement or paid traffic.
  • SEM – short for Search Engine Marketing, it is an online digital marketing way for increasing visibility and traffic to website, but SEM is in opposition to SEO, generally, SEM refers to paid traffic from search engines, like google ads.

SEMrush named with SEM, it actual contains a plent of tools that can be used to analyze, audit and improve both SEO and SEM of website and web pages, you can find the major specialized toolkits on SEMrush:

Dashboard Semrush
  • Domain audit, Get instant insights for your Website
  • Keywords Research like target keywords analytics, find out keywords idea from millions of related keywords, keywords gap between you and your competitors, Identify the organic keywords that your website has, etc.
  • Backlink analytics, aduit and how to build backlink
  • Rank Tracking and Monitoring of keywords and your website in Search Engines
  • Competitive Research and Monitoring
  • Advertisement Research and Creation
  • Social Media analytics and post
  • Content Marketing SEO
  • One page Site health and improvement audit
  • Project creation and management
  • and more

SEMrush Pricing

With so many features, let’s see how the prices are for SEMrush plans.

Billed Monthly$119.95/mo$229.95/mo$449.95/mo
Billed Annually$99.95/mo$191.62/mo$374.95/mo
Free Trial7 Days7 Days
Results per report10 00030 00050 000
Reports per day3 0005 00010 000
Keyword metrics updates per month2501 0005 000
Keywords to track for each project (with daily updates)5001 5005 000

The prices may be higher to beginners, but all Semrush plans include 40+ advanced tools and features to boost your marketing, i think the prices make absolute sense. Whatever, you can go and choose PRO or GURU plan to start a free trial to find out the magic secret of SEMrush.

In the next I’ll show you how SEMrush works with the major features, and you will make a better decision.

5 Major Toolkits and Other Features – How does SEMrush work

SEMrush shout out that there’re more than 40 tools, but generally, all the tools are included in 5 major toolkits. you will see some tools are included in different toolkits, that’s because the toolkits are not separated, they are complement each other. Let me show you the advantages of the features one by one.

1. Overall SEO Toolkit

SEO toolkit is the top most important part of SEMrush, and this is also the core of SEMrush, I think. SEO toolkit includes tools for domain, keywords, backlinks, website audit, ranking and local SEO, ect, it is overall improvement to your website visibility.

Domain & Website

Is there any way or tools to know the status of your own website like the traffic, keywords, quality, health and so on? the answer is yes, and this should be the first thing that anyone want to do with an analytics and online visibility tools, SEMrush’s Domain Overview and Site Audit are what you want exactly for analyzing a whole website, both tools can generate reports that make it easy to understand how your website is.

Domain Overview

You can get instant insights into strengths and weaknesses of any domains from the Domain overview tool, you can check your own domain or your competitors’. Firstly, i recommend you to check the status of your own website to know traffic, backlinks and the site quality.

semrush com Domain Overview

As you can see the Domain Overview displays a series of overview metrics about a domain, you can get a quickly glance from the picture for a full analytics of a website. What specific info you can know from the domain overview:

1. Authority Score – it is a proprietary metric estimated by SEMrush that used to measure overall quality of domain and influence on SEO, which mainly show you how much Google and visitor like and trust your website.

2. Organic Traffic and amount of organic keywords – Organic means Natural without any additives, so the Organic search traffic is natural search traffic by people, not referrer, not paid, no advertisement, the website owners like this type of traffic very much.

The number shows the amount of estimated traffic the domain receives per month from organic search, you can scroll down to check the amount of organic traffic, keywords and country distribution per month in the organic section too, in the organic search section, it will show the top organic keywords and the main competitors.

3. Paid search Traffic – this is in opposition to Organic traffic, the number shows you the a mount of traffic the domain receives per month from PPC ads. Like organic detail section, you can check the amount of Paid search traffic, keywords details by switching the button to Paid, and you will see the paid keywords and competitors when scrolling down to advertising research.

4. Backlinks – backlink is known as ‘inbound links’ or ‘incoming links’, it is a link from other websites that pointed to a domain, for example, when you write a blog post, you will insert some links from wikipedia, these links will be backlinks to the wikipedia. More external website use your links in their website, that means your website will be more popular, it will be liked by google too.

The blue number in the Domain overview shows the amount of backlinks that SEMrush can find in the whole internet that going to your website.

5. Display Advertising – This blue number shows the amount of display ads that the domain has run through Google AdSense, you can scroll down to the Display Advertising to see the top latest publisher and the amount ads displayed on their website, plus the top landing pages and the amount of views.

6. Engagement Metrics – these Data is taken from Traffic Analytics for all countries for the last month, this metric is on the bottom of overview section.

You can compare your domains with other domains (up to 5 domains once), and compare the overview metrics of your domains in differernt countries, yet you can compare the metrics performance of your website by time periods. all you need to do is switch the tabs from Overview to others in the top of the report.

image 20210329103050 4

Not only for a Domain, You can use this tool to check the full report for a specific URL, subfolder, or subdomain too. and when you click the blue numbers in the overview section, it will show you the detail reports for each specific Metric.

Site Audit

The Domain Overview can show you a full report for all kinds of metrics, you can know which level your website stays as well how the quality it is, but you don’t know some exsit or potential issues on your website which will affect SEO and online visibility.

Don’t worry, You can audit your site to assess the health of a website for technical issues related to visibility and SEO by using SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool, it is a powerful website tool which will crawl your web pages and allow you to analyze the health of a website. Site Audit is a tool mainly used in Project on SEMrush, but it is like domain overviews that you need to check the insight details and health status of your own website.

Overview Site Audit

Site audit will show you a graph your website heath with all aspects of metrics, you will need to know which one you need to improve, it will also provide you with a list of issues that makes it easy to see where exactly your website is struggling, and you can fix the issues one by one according to their tips, once all done, you can re-run Site audit to your website to see the report again.

You can also see some other reports with site audit like crawled pages, additional statistics for SEO. You can comapre crwals and progess to monitor your website’s health over a period of time, these reports give you the ability to follow which errors, warnings, and notices on your site have been fixed and if any new issues have appeared over time.

Like Domain Overview, you can audit a specific URL, subfolder, or subdomain too, the tool will crawl pages according to what you enter exactly.

Both Domain Overview and Site Audit are wonderful tools for overall website insight, not only for your own website, they are also can analyze competitors, that’s really amazing, you can know how the competitors strengths and weaknesses, you can know their traffic and what keywords they use, which keywords are trend in your industry, how they advertise on Google, and much more.

★ Keywords Research – Read This Part More Carefully

Keywords is the most important factor for any website to rank top in Google, not one of. Anyone want to search for some low competitive keywords but have a certain search volume per month, once you use that keywords, your web pages will be get a really good ranking in search engines. keywords are the intersection of you and your potential customers in digital marketing.

Good contents can be friendly to search engines, but if you want to let the search engines know what the contents are talking about, then you need to showing some keywords to make search engines understand well. when people search what they want in search engine, they will enter a keywords, once your content match the keywords entered, search engine will display your web page. Hence, SEMrush put the Keywords toolkit in the very important position.

This is where keyword research becomes so important.

Keyword Overview Tool

Like Domain Overview, keyword overview will let you understand the status of a keyword, it is a top-level report to look up any keyword in the Semrush database.

You will see various metrics after entering your word or phrase in the search bar, like keyword’s search volume per month in the specific country or globally in last 12 months, the amount of results on SERP, the trend for the keyword in the peiod, keyword difficulty, price and amount for ads,etc.

web hosting Overview Keyword Overview

To understand all the metrics, you may need to know some terms:

  • Keyword Difficulty –  Abbreviate it to ‘KD’. The keyword difficulty index (from 1 to 100%) shows an estimation of how hard it would be to rank your website on the first page of Google for the analyzed keyword. The higher the percentage, the keyword is higher compeitive, the harder it will be to achieve high rankings for the analyzed keyword,
  • SERP – Short of Search Engine Results Page, the number of URLs displayed in organic search results for a given keyword.
  • SERP Features: hover over the icons to see which special SERP features are present on the results page for this keyword
  • CPC –  Short for Cost per Click, this is an Internet advertising model, it shows average price in $ advertisers pay for a user’s click on an ad triggered by the analyzed keyword (Google Ads) on this its SERP.
  • PPC – Short for Pay Per Click. another Internet advertising model used to draw traffic to your website by using ads (Google Ads) where the advertiser pays a price for each click.
  • Com. – Competitive Density, the density of advertisers bidding on this keyword for their ads on the national level. A score of 1.00 indicates the highest level of competition, and a score of 0.00 indicates no competition. it can be representative of a keyword’s organic value as well.  
  • PLA – the top Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping) seen on this keyword’s SERP, if there is no any product on your website, it will show 0.
  • Ads: the top Google PPC ads seen on this keyword’s SERP
  • Trend: how much interest web searchers have shown in a given keyword in the last 12 months.

The report will also show you some top keyword variations and related questions and keywords, you can check all the keywords by click ‘view all keywords‘ under each list. more over, it will show a report SERP Analysis, You can compare various metrics after click view all keywords, which you may find some keywords to target in the list.

You can also get a SERP breakdown analysis report for the analyzed keyword and evaluate the competition on the right button in the report.

Semrush also allow you to analyze and comapre bulk keywords, if you have a list of similar keywords, words or phrases, you can use the bulk analysis to check which one is better to target on your website.

Keyword Magic Tool

Do you have no idea about where to find keywords, or do you not know what keywords to use even if you get a lot of keywords? The SEMrush’s keyword magic tool is what exactly you are looking for researching and getting keywords to target, it is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides all the keywords you need to build your most profitable SEO or PPC campaign.

The Semrush’s keyword magic tool is the most powerful keyword research tool that you may improve much for the SEO of your website once you know how to use it. It offers you access to an extended database with over 20 billion keywords.

Keyword Magic Tool

The magic tool will generate a responsive table with related keywords list and related search terms groups once you enter any single word or phrase into the search bar. The keywords list on the right includes various metrics for each keyword, and the left side shows the related search terms divided into specific topic subgroups, and you can switch the groups by number(amount of topic keywords) or by volume (average monthly search volume).

You can research keywords in specific country or specific currency and get target keywords according to your requirements by press the buttons of metric filters. The SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool is remarkable for exploring niche topics, finding semantically related long tail keywords, collecting and building a master list of keywords with Keyword Manager Tool.

How to Use Keyword Magic Tool to Find a Target Keywords

Step 1. Simply enter a keyword you want into the search bar to start research, the keyword can be called seed keyword, it will ‘grow out’ a lot of related keywords, you can choose a specific country before start searching.

Keyword Magic Tool Keyword Generator by Semrush

Once you clicked on Search button, the tool will generate a complete listing of all the various related terms in the table as that in above screenshot with keyword ‘snowboards’.

Step 2. As you can see a lot of keywords in the list, but you don’t need most of those, and you must also don’t need the high competitive keywords, in this step you need to set the filters to find the keyword meet your requirements to target. (this should be the most important step)

Keyword Magic Tool top filter

Before you continue to next, You need to understand the meaning of buttons in the the filter board:

  • Questions – A list of question-based keywords that contain your seed keyword.
  • Board Match – Keywords/search terms including any variation of your keyword or keyword phrase in any order.
  • Phrase Match – Exact keyword or keyword phrase in various orders.
  • Exact Match – Exact keyword or keyword phrase in exact order.
  • Related – A list of keywords that are similar to your seed keyword or related in the same industry
  • Volume – The average amount of monthly searches for a each keyword in the list over a 12-month period. you can sort it with different range.
  • KD is Keyword Difficulty, CPC is Cost per Click, you can check the identifition in above
  • include or exclude keywords that in the list,
  • Advanced filters – it includes Word count, Competitive Density(Com.), SERP Features, Results in SERP, this option is mainly for identifying and filtering contents that matched the keywords.

In addition to filtering keywords from filters board, you can also organize keywords by groups, it is on the left side in the table, it shows you all the groups with related words. so you can use groups to explore the subtopics around your seed keyword. You can order the groups in this list by the number of keywords in the group or the amount of average monthly search volume.


You may identify new niche topics and generate ideas for PPC campaign ad groups by using groups of keyword magic tool on semrush.

Step 3. You should have a list for the keywords you are searching if you do it according to my Tips, now you can use the keywords in your website, you can add the keywords to related products and product description, if you are a blogger, you can use the keywords in the articles, yet you can use the keywords for video if you have channel in Yotube and so on.

To use Keyword Magic Tool is as simple as above, only 3 steps, the most important is you need to know what the metrics used for and the meaning for the buttons.

Explore Related Keywords with Keyword Magic Tool

Although the steps is very simple, but there are many other functions for keyword magic tool.

Related Keywords filter within Keyword Magic is perfect for finding different keywords that you can target with your website to help build up your overall search authority and bring more organic traffic to your site. You can get some related keywords that have less competition and thus give you a better chance of getting a higher ranking for a valuable main keyword.

You can not only build out your amazing keyword list by using related keywords, but you may be sparked new content ideas with it for your site’s SEO optimization. Combine the trend of the keywords, related Keywords can be perfect for generating content ideas for any new blog or landing page that you are creating for a future campaign, and you may uncover new profitable keyword ideas for some niche content.

What is long tail keywords

A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase or search query that including 3 or more than 3 words base onthe main keyword. These are keywords with low monthly search volume and competitive, but higher probability of conversion.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are smart targets because they are more specific with the user’s intentions. For example, the long tail keyword “best wordpress hosting for beginners” is much more specific compared to simply “wordpress hosting.”

Find Long Tail Keywords

On Semrush, you can find long tail keywords by using the Keyword Magic Tool and adding filters for number of words in the advanced filters, then you can set KD, Volume, Com., or other metrics to filter the keywords and get what you want to target.

From an SEO point of view, targeting longer, more specific search phrases makes it easier to build a website’s authority to ultimately rank for bigger keywords that carry more search volume and potential traffic. So the Long Tail Keywords is very powerful and important for any contents.

Position Tracking

What are you trying to do SEO for? To get more organic traffic for your website. The most intuitive way to know the SEO effect on your website is to see if your page is ranked on the top front of SERPs, Preferably the first page.

No matter what your SEO specialty is, you could do on-page SEO, write content, build links, or run technical audits, chances are you’ll have to measure the impact of your work on the website’s rankings. Is there any way to know the ranking position for the pages with specific keywords in SERPs? yes, SEMrush also provide a tool called Position tracking that lets you track a website’s daily rankings for a custom set of target keywords, it is also called rank tracking.

sitebudding Landscape Position Tracking

How can you use Position Tracking to track your pages position? do you remember there’re lists of organic keywords generated in Domain overview, when you start to use position tracking, it will import those keywords, you can choose those you want to track or add some keywords manually, then just sit and wait the report to be generated.

what exactly the postion tracking can help you:

  • it can track any keyword and domain even those not in main Semrush database
  • Featured Snippet report to look for featured snippet opportunities
  • Track and compare multiple geographic locations or device types(desktop or mobile).
  • Easy local SEO tracking
  • export PDF reports to share results with colleagues and clients

With the Report, you can see how your efforts translate into ranking changes and learn which pages get the most traffic from your target keywords. You’ll be able to identify your weakest pages that need improvement and monitor your competitor’s rankings all from the same place.

★ Link Building Tools

Backlinks are a top factor in Google’s organic ranking algorithm according to many ranking factors study. So, link building and backlink maintenance should absolutely be a part of every SEO strategy, henece, building backlinks is one of the most efficient way to improve SEO for a website.

Not surprisingly, SEMrush also provide tools for building links on your website, The Link Building Tool is another powerful tool, it can be work with Backlink Audit and Backlink Analytics to audit, analyze and increase your and your competitors’ backlink profile.

Backlink Audit and Backlink Analytics can monitor your domain’s backlink profile and shows you the health status, which will help you avoid Google penalties related to toxic backlinks. it provides you everything to audit all of your links, analyze the toxic signals associated with any suspicious links, send emails to you, and ultimately create a disavow file to send to Google once you connected your google account to SEMrush.

sitebudding Overview Backlink Audit Tool

Disavowing files will tell Google not to take these links into consideration when ranking your domain. you can manage all your backlinks with google account in SEMrush, it will save you much time.

Both of these 2 tools can also give you the ability to study you and your competitors’ backlink profiles and make comparisons between multiple domains side by side like most of SEMrush tools do.

How to build links with SEMrush’s Link Building Tool

Link building is the process of generating links pointing to your website. These links will be impact on search engines discovering your website and making decision how to rank your site in search results, so link building is becoming one of the most necessary aspect of SEO. You should seize every possible opportunity to gain new quality backlinks.

You are allowed to build new backlinks for your website with link building tools step by step on Semrush:

Step 1: Go to Semrush dashboard->SEO->Link Building->Link Building Tool, in the search box you can choose one project, if you don’t have any project, you need to create a project. you can enter up to 10 keywords and 10 competitors domain next, If you don’t have some keywords entered or do not know what competitors to choose, the system will offer you a list based on the information form Semrush database.


After you entered all, just hit “Start Link Building” button, the building link tool will collecting the information and generate a report.

Step 2: In the report page, you will see domain prospects of backlink, domains in progress of building links and other information.

sitebudding Overview Link Building Tool

There’re more tabs Prospects, Inprogress, Monitor, this actually is the workflow of how to build links, you can Start with it in the Prospects tab, choose source Domains and the links that relevant to your website and add those to tab “in progress” by clicking on the blue “To In Progress” button, or you can check all and add bulk Source Domains in progess like in the below screenshot.

sitebudding Ideas Link Building Tool

Step 3: connect your email address, and go to the tab in progress, you will the source domains you chose to added are showing the list, click on button contact, you can send email to the website owner or contact person.

image 20200117103559 1

It’s just like you usually send emails, select which emails to send your pitch to, drag and drop placeholders into your email contents, edit your email, you can save the edited email as templates and send it to all similar domain owers.

Step 4: this should be the last step, you can monitor and track your link building efforts over time. In this tab, it will show you a report that prospective backlinks are marked as Active, Lost, Broken, Undefined or Rejected after you add the domains.

That’s it for links building on SEMrush, I think you should have some idea how SEMrush works to improve your backlinks profile.

On Page SEO Checker

If say Domain Overview and Site Audit are the tools to show the SEO status of your website, then SEMrush’s On Page SEO Checker can be a tool you could do to improve the ranks of pages with specific keywords on your website. it provides user-friendly interface and workflow for beginners

on page checker 1

When you search any keywords in the search bar, Firstly, it will generate a report with one-page suggest ideas amount summary include strategies for pages to use keywords, target SERP Features, backlink prospects, semantically related words to your pages, technical SEO idea, target content length and readability, and easy to learn the users or clients experience on your website once you contact google analytics.

In addition of the ideas, the on page SEO Checker tool will show you the top pages of your site for optimizing, it also includes some other features you switch to each by the tabs:

  • Optimization Ideas – In this tab, it show you all specific ideas how to optimize your web page with target keywords, the ideas are that 7 types showed in overviews, you can optimize them one by one with SEMrush one page SEO Checker’s ideas. The tool generates these ideas by analyzing strategies from your competitors combined with Semrush data.

    Strategy – Strategy ideas will help Which pages to prioritize and which keywords these pages use will lead to better SEO ranking results.

    SERP Features – Here are suggestions on how to improve schema markup for your pages.

    Backlinks – potential websites that you can build your backlinks.

    Semantic – the tool will suggest related words or phrases semanticly by analyzing your competitor’s content.

    Technical SEO – like the Site Audit Tool do, including site health, how is your website’s quality, and give you suggestion how to fix or improve.

    Content – give idea for the content length and readability

    User Experience – you need to connect your google ananlytics account to get these ideas, it will show you how the visitor, users check your pages, such as bounce rates, time on page…
  • Top 10 Benchmarking – this feature shows you a report that analyze the top 10 competitors on the first page for every keyword in SERPs you requested ideas for, which will give you ideas how to improve the schema markup and your contents by comparing with the rivals.
  • Idea Tasks – this is a report that you can track results of ideas you are proceeding, you will learn the progress of your SEO improvements and updating over time. the report is a bar graph to measure the trend of ideas’ progress, and there’s is a list displays all of your ideas with either a “To do” or “Done” status.

You can export all the reports geneated by On Page SEO Checker to pdf and share it to anyone.

Listing Management

Listing Mangement is a simple solution tool for Local SEO on SEMrush, the tool makes it easy to distribute your business data automatically to the most authoritative directories, and the people will reach you through Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, and Google by voice search.

What the Listing Management tool can help you:

  • The tool can keep your business listings consistent and correct across the internet. Generally, you have to manage your business data on various maps, apps, search engines, social networks, owing to multiple directories cross-checking and validating on goolge, with Listing Mangement, you can edit information in one place.
  • Listing Management will monitor users’ reviews, work with their suggestions and keep  your listings free of malicious duplicates, which make sure your business a maximum visibility.
  • Generate Reports for your business to let you know the listings performance.
  • You can get email with location reports generated by Listing management, which you can analyze how well the location performs in search engines and directories.

You can also use other SEO tools like Domain overview, Site Audit, One page SEO checker to audit analyze and improve the listing visibility on search engine.

2. PPC Toolkits- Advertising Research, Creation and Optimization

PPC stands for Pay Per Click that you can find the explanation in above information of Keywords Overview. If you are running some ads campaigns on Google Ads, PPC Toolkits will be your one-stop shop for planning a Google Ads campaign, you are going to benefit and set up your own advertising strategy with keyword lists and ads with these toolkits.

SEO can be the best way to drive organic traffic to website, then SEM is the best way to drive paid traffic, and the Advertising should be the biggest part in paid digital marketing, so optimize advertising campaigns means improving SEM. The PPC Toolkits will help you plan, analyze and improve your Google Ads campaigns from 3 aspects: Market Analysis, Keyword Research, Ad Creation and Tracking.

Market Analysis

Analyzing market, you and your competitor is the first step to run a successful advertising campaign, you will know your competitors’ ad strategies how they are running their campaigns. You’ll see everything from the keywords they are bidding on to the ad copy they are using for their ads.

The most powerful tool you can analyze your competition on SEMrush is Advertising Research. you can get more information combine with Domain Overview to analyze competitor’s domain.

ebay com Positions Advertising Research

Enter any competitor’s domain into the search box of Advertising Research, the tool will generate a full analytics report you learn the advertisement campaigns in variouse aspect.

In the tab of Position, you can see the amount of keywords that bring users to the domain via google paid search results, the traffic driven by these keywords, the estemated average cost per month to rank for the listed keywords displayed in the table of paid search positions. You’ll see everything from the keywords they are bidding on to the ad copy they are using for their ads. you can see the postion changes of each keywords in the postion changes tab over time.

There are other tabs to show you more details:

  • Competitors – more competitors displayed in the list show you the information like that in postion tab
  • Ad Copies – it will show you the top ad copies that the domain running in Google Ads
  • Pages – The landing pages that the ads campaigns pointing
  • Subdomains – which subdomains base on the domain you target running ads too.

If you want to check more details about the ads that the domain running on google ads, you can use Display Advertising, where you can ads amount, ads’ image, ads’ publisher and landing pages even the user’s gender and ages, you will also know what the top audience are interested in.

Display Advertising SEMrush

Semrush also provide tool for users who want to analyze ads campaigns performance for goods on Google shopping, it is called PLA Research, stand for Product Listing Ads, but it requires a Business Plan subscription. The PLA will be displayed once someone search goods in google and that is also included in google shopping.

The PLA research tool is very similar like Advertising research. The reports generated by PLA Research are a powerful source of researching for e-commerce websites and digital advertising agencies who want to gather competitive intelligence on e-commerce competitors.

Keyword Research

You will want to find a set of keywords for your own ads campaigns once you learned about what your competition is doing, how to find the keywords that will bring you the most revenue, and which keywords are most suitable for your campaign and improve existing campaigns?

In the above of this article, you’ve been introducedthat Keyword overview and keyword magic tool that you can use for keywords research. these are most powerful keywords tools keywords not only for SEO but also the major tools of Advertising campaign.

You can filter and choose keywords via metric of kd, cpc and Com, you can also check the keywords gap between you and your competitors, you will generate a list of keywords suitable for your ad campaigns.

Plus, SEMrush provide another PPC Keyword Tool special for you to create a perfect keyword list for your Ad campaigns. With this tool, you can use previously created lists via Keyword magic tool, generate keyword combinations in a click, or get new keyword ideas from Semrush reports, it offers an easy way to filter out irrelevant keywords, clean and group keywords.

auto grouping ppckwtool

The PPC Keyword Tool will automatic cross-group set up negative keywords and remove conflicting keywords, after you completed the work of keywords list and negatives building for ad campaigns, you can export everything to a CSV file including your keywords, negatives or both at either the campaign level, group level, or both.

The CSV files can be uploaded to Google Ads Editor, Google Ads Editor is a free, downloadable application that allows for offline management of Google Ads accounts, hence, you can easily and seamlessly sync your changes made in PPC keywords tool to your campaign on Google ads, which you can improve the campaigns.

You can also use the export campaign plan to create and track new ads campaigns on Google, combine advertising display tool, you will know how to write a title, description or creat stunning image for your ads.

3. SSM- SEMrush Social Media Post and Optimization

Social Media has evolved very rapidly in these years, there’s much traffic from Social Media, A lot of data and reports are showing that social media traffic accounts for an increasing proportion of many websites, that’s why SEMrush also provides social media toolkit to help you analyze and optimize posts on the popular platforms.

You can easily create posts and monitor their performance, benchmark your progress against your competitors, as well as create your own compelling social media Ads with social media toolkit.

The toolkit including 3 tools for you manage your social media account on the major platforms of Facebook (Business pages), Instagram (Business profile), Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkinwithout leaving the Semrush interface, it can help you to analyze and optimize the local social of Google Business.

Before you use the Social media toolkit in SEMrush, you need to connect your accounts to SEMrush.

Social Media Poster

You can use Social Media Poster Tool to draft, schedule, and post content on your different social platforms, the tool will also give you idea to create post for the social platforms, you can use another tool from content marketing toolkit called Topic Research tool, find the trending subtopics, Review the related searches and headlines to add top trending content to your posts.

The Poster Tool will also find the best time when you should send out your posts, it is automatic only you schedule the created post. you should willing to know whether your post have effect or not, then you can use the tab analytics of Social Media Poster Tool to find out how is your post running and other more information about your soical account.


You will find out which content works great for your audience, track your audience growth, even get to know your audience: age, country and when they are online from the analytics of Social Media Poster.

Social Media Tracker

You may also want to know how your competitors run their campaigns too, then you can use the tool: Social Media Tracker, it lets you track the social media accounts of your closest competitors and compare their growth and engagement levels to yours.

social media tracker 4

The competitors are probably trying to reach a similar audience like you do on social media platforms. With Social media Tracker tool you will know your posts aren’t receiving as many likes or shares as your competition, even you will find what they miss and fails, then you know there is space for improvement.

You can try to share different types of content and posting at the right time can influence how much engagement your profile gets. the social media tracker will be able to track the growth of your competitors’ page and yours, show your day to day engagement levels, you will finally find the best way to post on social platforms.

Social Media Ads

It is overwhelmed to many people to start an ad campaign on social media platform, Social Media Ads is tool in SEMrush to help user create and monitor ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, FB Messenger, and FB Audience Network. it is only available for Facebook and Instagram.

image 20200424192310 3

The friendly interface of Social Media Ads make it easy for user to run and manage Facebook and Intagram ads in one place, you no longer need to struggle with complicated settings on the platforms. what the Social Media Ads can help you more:

  • Monitor the performance of ad campaigns and receive notifications
  • analyze social ad campaigns, what weakness, see your low-performing ads and optimize them
  • Save time on little things: auto naming, streamlined creation, easy to set up ads and more

4. Content Marketing Improvement

Content Marketing Toolkit is a platform that marketers can use to manage their tasks, create and improve content. But all tools in Content Marketing are only available in full with a Guru or Business level subscription.

If you are a blogger or writer, or you just want to write something to share on the internet, then this toolkit can be right for you, please check what exactly it can do.

You can use The Topic Research Tool of Content Marketing to analyze your target or competitors’ content and find  subtopics and top-shared headlines around a topic, discover the top questions people ask about a topic, it will give you ideas to write winning content.

Topic Research Tool

Once you find some relevant topic with your niche is low competitive, you can start create some content for your niche, SEMrush provide you tools for create content that resonates with their audience. The Semrush SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant make it easy to create content briefs that will lead to content loved by both people and search engines:

  1. You enter keywords that you want to target with your content.
  2. The tool nalyze content on the Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your target keywords.
  3. You receive recommendations on how to create SEO-friendly content.

If you are still struggled with creating a wonderful contents, you can use an extra tool Marketplace of SEMrush to hire some professional writers to writing content for your website.

With Semrush content marketing toolkit you can also audit, analyze and improve your content with content audit tool; you can use Post Tracking to measure your off-site content performance by tracking its backlinks, referral traffic, search engine rankings, and social shares in one place; even use Brand Monitoring tool to track, analyze and benchmark your brand’s performance.

5. Competitive Research and Monitoring

Like the famous saying: Knowing yourself and the others can win every battle. Semrush provides users very powerful features for Competitive Research and Monitoring. As you can see in the above of the article, whichever toolkit you read you should found they have the functions to analyze, research and monitor even help you winning the competition in all aspects.

That’s right, you can use all above 4 toolkits to do Competitive Research and Monitoring like you do to your own website, you can find the keyword gap, backlink gap, the weakness and strength of your competitors’ advertising, social media and contents.

Besides, Competitive Research Toolkits offers 2 dedicated tools for Trends of market: Traffic Analytics and market explorer.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics is more like the domain overview, it is market intelligence and competitive research tool that you can easily get a full view of any company’s online performance with website traffic analysis, check traffic metrics of any domain, compare several websites’ traffic data side by side and even nalyze up to 200 sites at once from your custom list.

amazon com Overview Traffic Analytics

The traffic analytics tool divided into mulitple sections: Traffic Overview, Audience Insights, competitors’ best-performing pages, Benchmarking against copetitors, and all domains including subdomains, The data in these reports offers quick insights and thorough analysis on the competition and market. 

Market explorer

Market Explorer is another powerful tool in SEMrush for competition, which you canfully dive into a niche and understand the audience you want to target. This tool makes it easy to benchmark how your site compares to the competition and get a better understanding of any market. 

You find the main channels to send website traffic to competitors in your market with Market Explorer, and determine the best competitor by evaluating the market size, in additional, you can analyze audience and their age, gender and interest, the Market EXplorer can also provide regional and historical data filtering for you.

More Tools and Features

SEMrush also provides extra tools and more features, which will assist to monitor and improving your website from all of aspects.

Management Toolkit

projectDashboard Semrush
SEMrush Project

The Management toolkit in SEMrush includes a set of solutions that will help you manage all your marketing campaigns from one place.

  • Projects: You can use the Semrush Project to manage any specific domain with most of the tools.
  • Client Manager: manage clients and customer information in one place, never worry forget any client name or contacts
  • Notes: Save notes for any important dates or events related to your work.
  • Marketing Calendar: Plan and manage several marketing campaigns in an interactive and shareable calendar.

Amazon Tools and Extra Tools

SEMrush also provides more extra tools, which will assist you to monitor and improving your website and business from all of aspects.

Sellerly Amazon Marketing Tools
SEMrush Amazon Tool – Sellerly
  • Sellerly – Professional Amazon tools developed by SEMrush. it is a separate platform out ofSEMrush Toolkits, that means if you want to use Sellerly, you can purchase it separately.
  • Marketplace – This is a content creation marketplace. You can hire professional writers to writing content that love by people from here. it can also help you post on social media, etc.
  • ImpactHero – This is an AI content enhancement tool that will analyze your website content according to user behaviors, and then segment the content to provide you with the best method.
  • Agency Partner-This is also similar to a marketplace, but with Agency Partner you can find marketing and professional marketer to help you improve your website SEO and online visibility.
  • Prowly – a SEMrush PR tool, which is what we call public relations, a tool to help you promote your brand online and build brand reputation.
  • Splitsignal-This is an A/B testing tool to help you find the best campaign plan to obtain organic traffic.

Cons of SEMrush

1. It seems that some SEMrush tools don’t have global report, like keywords magic tool, postion tracking etc., it is not good for some websites with global business.

2. SEMrush is complicated to beginners indeed, and some features are relatively repetitive, like the competitive toolkits, you can find most of the functions for these tools in other toolkits. Probably, developers think that segmentation is easier to understand, but some users may find the functions complicated and inconvenient to operate in multiple place.


Billed Monthly$119.95/mo$99/mo$99/mo$49/mo$49/mo
Billed Annually$99.95/mo$82/mo$79/mo$29.9/mo$41.6/mo
Free Trial7 Days7 Days Trial for $730 Days only for ProStarter Trial Plan10 Days
Site AuditYesYesYesYesYes
Keyword ResearchYesYesYesYesYes
Adverting ResearchYesNoNoNoNo
Content MarktingYesYesNoNoNo
Social MediaYesNoNoNoNo
Competitive ResearchYesYesYesYesYes

Is SEMrush worth the price or to use?

Once you know the traffic is money in this period, you will know how valuable and important for a tool that can help a website drive traffic, especially for organic traffic, which can not only save your time, it also help to save your money, do you know if you don’t have any tools, you need to pay how much to learn to run a successful ad campaign on Google or Facebook.

Only the tools of Keyword are much valuable for many websites, do you know many marketers optimize SEO much mainly depend on research keywords. and SEMrush give you chances to gain backlinks for your website, as I know, many high-traffic website owners will charge much for inserting a link required by other website, and how much time you will need to spend to find the suitable website for building a link? SEMrush save you much time.

In addition, Social media, content marketing tools can help you earn more audience and visitors even revenue, the amazing thing is SEMrush let you research and analyze your competitor and their behaviour, you can find out what their weakness and strength, you have chane to win them in the competition of SEO and SEM.

Overall, I think SEMrush is much worth the price, though many people thought SEMrush is compliated, and it may have some shortcoming. As it really made a considerable income and save much time for me.

Final Thought

SEMrush can be said to have the most feature-rich in the industry. That’s the reason that the price for SEMrush is a little higher compare other online visibility platform, though, It improves a website overally in almost all aspects, actually, you will find some interesting functions(like collect emails to put a free site audit widget on website ) and some wonderful features that I may not review in this article, as you can’t really write all in only one article. you can check SEMrush official courses.

However, in fact, not all users need all features SEMrush provides, so many small website owners want to use it but won’t buy it. I personally think it would be better if SEMrush could sell their software in two ways:

  1. Maintain the existing Plans subscription, all toolkits are sold together, The customers who want all features bundled they can purchase the plans as in present.
  2. Split some of toolkits and sell them separately, and lower the price for the plans subscription. each single toolkit can be priced at around $25 according to actual value. customers who do not need all the featuress can only buy the tools they need. SEMrush gain more sales and customers, and users get what they need and save money. Is this a win-win?

This is my good wish, I am afraid that semrush may not see it either. Anyway, start a trial, you can quit it if you think it is very hard to use or any reason in 7 days trial, you won’t be charged.

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