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How to Submit A Website to Search Engines for Beginners Easily (Google, Bing, Yandex)

Once you created your website, you certainly want more people to visit it. I think the easy, fast and efficient method is add or sumbmit your websites to search engines, so your web pages have chance to be displayed in the search results.

Normally, as long as your website is online, search engines crawlers will come to crawl your web pages, but there are too many websites today. If you don’t take the initiative to submit your website to search engines, this may cause your web page Will not be crawled for a long time, and it will definitely affect rankings. Many beginners may easily ignore it. So this article is reminding you and showing you how to submit your website to search engines.

I’ll show you how to submit websites to 4 major search engines around the world, Google, Bing/Yahoo and Yandex. Due to so many types of websites, this article will tell you to submit websites created with WordPress, the wordpress websites is over 40% of all websites in the world, it should be increased more in future.

Google Search Engine

Needless to say, the world’s largest search engine, its Parent Alphabet, a technology giant, is one of the five largest Internet companies in the world. Google is absolutely a leader in the search industry. it has become the most popular and trusted search engine, mainly because of the quality of its search results. Google is using complex algorithms to show users the most accurate results. its algorithm has involved hundreds of ranking factors (including the addition of AI algorithms), it can help you find the exact information you need on the Internet.

1. Go to Google Search Console

Google search console is new control panel for website submition and management, the old version is called webmaster tool, it is still worked.

google search console-search engine

Some wordpress plugins still use the old webmaster tool for users sumbitting sites, however, you need to move to the search sonsole finally, so you can submit your website via search console directly.

2. Submit / Add Website

Login to your google account, if you are new user, google search console will ask you to add your website firstly. if you ever added some websites, you can go to the topright of dashboard, click on the small triangle, you will see + Add Property, click it to add new website.


you can use a domain name or a URL with https://, and continue, the next step will ask you to verify your website domain or url.

3. Verify Website

There are several ways to verify a website, depending on what ways the search engine provides you, most of them are by adding a html meta tag to the homepage of the website, which is in the <head></head> section. The old version of Google webmaster also use this method, but for the new google search console, please continue to read.

Welcome to Google Search Console

For exmaple, I use a domain name housescenery.com as in above screeshot. it seems the new search console only provide a major way for users to verify website, it is add txt record to the domain DNS.

Do you see Any DNS provider? Click on it to have a list of domain name service providers. If your domain name was registered from one of them, like Namecheap.com, select the domain registrar, and then let Google add records to your domain name automatically.

If your domain name provider is not in the list, you need to add the text record manually, I am using NameSilo for my domain, this is a very good and cheapest domain registrar with free whios protection. To add text record to domain DNS, it is similar as connecting or pointing domain to hosting.

Go to Namesilo domain admin-> domain manager -> choose the domain -> Domain Console -> DNS records, The domain management admin is different in differnt domain name registrar, but the functions are similar. so whatever domain registrar you are using, you just find the DNS configuration, As shown in the below screenshot, add a TXT/SPF record into the DNS configuration:

Manage DNS

Once you filled the record in the form, click on Submit, then go back to the google search console and click VERIFY. it seems TXT record is generally faster than the A record. If Google detects the record, it will tell you to add it. As long as your website is verified, Your web pages will be automatically crawled by Google after a while.

Old Google Webmaster

Google still keep webmaster for user to verify the website, there’re many methods as in below screeshot,

image 1

As you need to move to google search console finally, I don’t want to show you how to verify website through old webmaster, this is only for you to know how it is.

4. Submit Pages and Posts to Google Search Console

I recommend you submit your sitemap to google search console, then it will crawl the pages very fast. this is the simplest and effcient way. I tried not submitting sitemap, Google will still crawl pages too, but it will be much slower.

There are many ways to get the sitemap URL, if your website was built with wordpress, I recommend use plugins for it, I take Rank Math as an example, This is a very well-known comprehensive SEO plugin that can generate a unique Sitemap.xml. File, install Rank Math. Click Rank Math->Sitemap Setting from the left side of wordpress:

Sitemap Settings WordPress

As shown in the picture, Your sitemap index can be found here: https://www.xxx.com/sitemap_index.xml is the sitemap link of your website, copy the link and enter the google search console, Sitemap is in the left menu:


Fill in the sitemap link you just copied into the form of Add a new sitemap, and click SUBMIT. Google will automatically detect it. You can check later to see if it has been added successfully. If not, wait a while and don’t be too anxious.

Bing/Yahoo Search Engine

You man confused why I put Bing and Yahoo together, that’s because Yahoo don’t have its own search data, though it is very famous website and search engine, Yahoo’s searh result data is provided by Bing, so once you sumit your website to Bing, Yahoo will also share the data, when people search in Yahoo search, your web pages may displayed too.

Why Bing is also very important

Bing is the second global search engine. It is a revision of some of Microsoft’s old search engines: MSN search and Windows Live search. It seems that it currently accounts for 9% of the global share among search engines, But Bing has reached 1/3 of the market share in the United States, Although this 1/3 includes search data such as yahoo and vol which provided by Microsoft, you can see that Bing search engine cannot be ignored, and it is imperative for you to submit your website to Bing.

1. Login to Bing Webmaster

The latest Bing webmaster tools are very simple and easy to use, and the layout with left navigation also makes the entire management clearly. To be honest, the interface is better than the google search console. I like Bing Webmaster more.

image 3

If you have account, you can Sign in directly, or you can create an new account.

2. Add Wesite

Bing will ask you to add website if any new account sign in the webmatster tools.

image 4

You can import your site to Bing Webmaster Tools if you website has already submitted to Google search console and verified, you can also add your website manually whatever you verified it. Click on Add, the next step is verify your website on Bing search engine.

3. Verify Your Website

You can skip this step if you import your websites from Google Search console, Bing provides three methods for verifying websites manually, as shown below image.

image 5

a. Add a XML File to the root directory of your site

At first download the BingSiteAuth.xml file as shown above, and then use FTP or log in to the control panel of your web hosting. Take cPanel as an example, see below screenshot, click to enter FILES->File Manager.

cPanel Main 2

If you have only one website hosted on your web server, the root directory of website is called pubulic_html. If there are more than 2 websites, except the website with the main domain name, the other website root directory names should be same as the domain name, or you have modified it yourself, find the root directory of the website according to your actual status.

Upload the file BingSiteAuth.xml you just downloaded into the relevant root directory. Then go back to the Bing webmasters tool page and click to verify. this is the fastest method as I have tried it myself, and it usually takes less than a second.

b. Add HTML Meta Tag to Your website

This should be the most popular method for verifying website, most of search engines will use this way to be the default one, Bing also has this way. Click on Copy to copy the meta tag as in below image.

image 6

Then add the tag to head of your website’s homepage / default page, it should go in the <head></head> but before <boday> section. I will use wordpress website as an example, there are 2 ways to add the tag.

WordPress Plugins

I will still use Rank Math as example, after installing Rank Math, you don’t need to install many other plugins, click Rank Math->General Setting->Webmaster Tools on the left side of wordpress admin.

SEO Settings WordPress

Paste the Meta tag you just copied into the Bing Webmaster Tools form and save the settings. go back to Bing webmasters tool page and click to verify your website, it may take a few minutes, but it is also fast.

Edit functions.php or heade.php files

Note: This method will edit code, please operate with caution!

Editing both functions.php and heade.php can add a meta tag to <head> section, It is recommended to modify functions.php and you should modify functions.php from the child theme. Why child theme? that’s because changing the file from the child theme, even if it is wrong, the original theme file will not be changed, to keep your website safe.

Don’t have a Child Theme? please download a wordpress plugin- Child Theme Generator, and generate a child theme for the current theme you are using.

Then go to Appearance->theme editor to find the child theme file you just created, and open functions.php:

Edit Themes WordPress
/*Write here your own functions */

add_action('wp_head', function() {
  if(is_user_logged_in()) {
  <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="9901C2DD851CA7268DF8E15BDDEFAA62" />
}, );

You can add your own code below /*Write here your own functions */. Please copy and paste all of my code above, Replace the red line with your own Bing HTML Meta tags. You can also put other Meta tags to this place, such as google analytics can be added here too.

Save it. go back to Bing webmasters tool page and click to verify your website.

c. add CNAME record to the domain DNS

This method is similar like submitting websites to google search console that mentioned in above,Just adding txt records instead of adding cname records

image 7

Login to the NameSilo domain admin dashboard, select the domain name, go to Domain Console -> DNS records, add a new CNAME record as in below image:


As tips of Bing, put the long string of characters into HOSTNAME, and verify.bing.com in TARGET HOSTNAME/VALUE, submit. Go back to Bing webmasters tool page and click to verify your website, you may need to wait for a few minute, but it should be fast too.

4. Submit Pages and Posts to Bing

It is definitely same as the ways in Google Search Console. Generate a sitemap url from Rank Math, Copy the sitemap urls to sitemaps of Bing webmaster tools, it is on the left side navigation.

bing submit sitemap

Submit a new sitemap, and click Submit. Bing will automatically detect it. You can check later to see if it has been added successfully.

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex is a search engine from Russia, which occupies more than 60% market share in Russia, and many people in other Russian-speaking countries and Eastern European countries like to use this search engine. This market is not small, so I recommend you to add your website to this Yandex Search Engine too. Following Google and Bing, I will talk about how to submit your wordpress website to Yandex.

1. Login to admin of Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster home

If you have an account, sign in directly, or create an new account. Yandex’s webmaster dashboard may not be as clear and understandable as Bing, but it is also easily to use.

2. Add website

Like Googel and Bing, Yandex will ask you to add a new site if you are a new user when you login your account first time.

My sites — Yandex Webmaster

Or you can add a website by click on the + button on the top too. add your domain name or url in the form of next page:

Yandex Webmaster

Click on yellow button Add then go to the next step, verifying websites.

3. Verify Your site on Yandex

Yandex offers 3 methods for you to verfiy your website:

Yandex Webmaster access rights
  • HTML file – Click the blue link yandex_8027eb03ea3024a4.html to download the file or you can create a html file according to Yandex steps. then upload this file to your website root directory as that in Bing steps
  • Meta Tag – html meta tag, copy and paste it to the <head> section of your website, see how to in Bing as above
  • DNS record – Yandex also offers you the method to add TXT record to your domain DNS, See the steps in Google search console.
Yandex Webmaster txt record

No matter which method you select to verify your website, you need to go back to Yandex to click yellow button Check to verify the site.

After verified your site on Yandex, you can submit your sitemay to Yandex

The Sitemap validator of Yandex in the Tools as that you can see in the above screens, then click Check and let Yandex to include the web pages too.

Other Search Engines

There are other search engines with a small market share or regional search engines, but they are also very popular.


AOL is always very popular in USA, it seems they don’t have their own search database, which is like Yahoo also offered by Bing, so when you add your website to bing, your web pages may be searched in AOL search engine too.


As Wikipedia described, DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.You may see Browse in private in Chrome, DuckDuckGo search engine is like this mode, and it is also don’t have search database, the search data are provided by both of Bing and Google.

DuckDuckgo is more and more popular that people are awaring of the privacy is more and more important.


Baidu is a very famous and the biggest search engine in China, it is mainly used in China, and if you don’t understand, I think it is hard for you to use their webmaster tools, it is not like Google or bing, even Yandex. but Baidu might also crawl some pages even if you don’t submit your website.


After you Submitted your website to the search engine and verified it, You should pay attention to some things to prevent search engines from not crawling for a long time:

  • Don’t change the theme arbitrarily, after changing the theme, you will definitely lose some of the page head information, and the site layout is changed, which is not friendly to search engines.
  • Don’t change the website title arbitrarily, Don’t change the site description or subtitle,
  • Do not change the title and description of the homepage. Of course, minor changes or additions to the homepage content will not have a big impact
  • You need to update the new website frequently. For ecommerce on line store, you only need to add a certain number of products every day.

In a simple sentence, you should discourage search engines from indexing/crawling your website before you completed the building of the website. Once you submitted your website, you should not Change key features of your website.


I didn’t show you how to submit all types of websites, like html, magento, prestashop and others to search engins, but the steps are very similar, if you use html record to verfiy website, the difference is where to put the html record in your website, as for other methods, I think whatever website builder you ever used, the whole steps are same. Submit your website and Good Luck!

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