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What is Hosting and Domain? Best Recommended

hosting and domain
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When you start to create a website, like start with CMS(content management system) or web development languages html, css, js, you will have to know what is hosting and domain.

Web Hosting

The hosting we say, it is always about web hosting which is used for building websites or web applications.

✦ What is Web Hosting

A Web Hosting is an online internet service, you can call it web hosting service, the business of hosting is offering space for individual people or companies to store files and data, it allows them to make their websites or web applications fast connect to the world wide internet.

The space that the people rent or buy is on a physical server from the hosting service companies, a physical server is a physical computer that runs without any interruption so that your website is available all the time for visitors. where the physical servers located is the data center, most of the hosting companies will have mulitple data center in different continents.

what ismhosting and domain
Chemicloud data centers distribution map

In short, web hosting is a place or house where you put your website or web applications, most of time it is for website for most of the people and organizations.

✦ What are Hosting Types

The space of hosting for different users can be shared with one physical server, or one website can be hosted on a dedicated physical machine, or many websites or users share a hosting network, hence, there are many different types of hosts in the industry. We listed the most popular hosting types here:


The shared hosting is always full managed by the hosting providers, that means you just focus on your business, all the works about hosting like maintenance, updates, security…etc will be managed by the hosting provider.

As for VPS, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, those can be managed or unmanaged, it depends on the users’ demand. unmanaged hosting is like a raw machine, it does even not have a operate system, you can do anything on it freely as you want.

✦ How Does Web Hosting Work

As said, a hosting is simply a space where for users to store website files and data, it is actual a physical computer, you can install softwares, upload photos or videos, and put your website files on it. you can connect the hosting to a domain name (website address), so that the visitors from all over the world can check your website by clicking your the domain name through the internet.

how web hosting works
Explaination of how web hosting works by Hostinger

I think it is easy for anyone to understand how web hosting works from the above photo.

✦Who Provide Web Hosting Services

There are a lot of excellent companies who provide multiple web hosting services in the market, I listed 11 best and most popular web hosting providers in following contents:

  1. Chemicloud
  2. TMDhosting
  3. Siteground
  4. GreenGeeks
  5. Hostinger
  6. Fastcomet
  7. Inmotion Hosting
  8. Dreamhost
  9. Hostgator
  10. Bluehost
  11. NameCheap

We also made in-depth reviews for the web hostings, it may help you to choose the right one for your website.

✦ What Does Web Hosting Cost? Is There Any Free Web Hosting

If you want to build a website and make it run properly, you need to get a paid web hosting, the price can be from $0.99/mo to $6.99/mo for start, most of the prices are for annual term. the cheapest shared web hosting service should be Hostinger. As our experience, the average price is about $3.5/mo for small business and beginners.

Once your business or the traffic of website grow, you can change to high-level shared hosting or other types, different types will be different prices, it depends on which hosting provide you choose.

Yes, there actual is free web hosting, but it is limited features, Hostinger offers a free hosting service with limited resource, you may use it to host a website, but it is very slow with limited traffic, the free hosting service only give you a chance to try but nothing.

You should buy a paid shared hosting if you really hope to build a website, and Hostinger is a good choice, their Single Shared Hosting plan only need $0.99/mo, very cheap, not including free domain name. and I recommend another hosting provider, Chemicloud, you can get a free .com domain for a lifetime once you purchase the annual hosting plans.

I think there is no 100% percent free resource for hostings, don’t waste too much on that.

Domain Name

✦ What is a Website Domain

A website domain is also an online service that provide a name for website registeration, the domain name provider is called registrar. the form of a website domain name is always like example.com, example.net, example.org…and more, the “.com” is one of TLDs(Top-level domain).

The Domain name is actual the virtual address of a website on the internet, anyone who want to find any website, they need to know the domain name. you can check above picture to know how the website domain name works.

✦ What is Subdomain and Parked Domain

When you buy a web hosting or register a domain, you may see something like subdomain and parked domain, you may confused about that, actaully, it is not very important, most of the time, we don’t need to use those when we install a small website.

  • A subdomain is base on the Top-level domain, I give you an example to understand that:
    I assume you had a top-level domain name “mysite.com”, then, the “mail.mysite.com”, “blog.mysite.com” or ‘anything.mysite.com’ can be subdomains.
  • Parked Domain name is like the name parked, means someone registered a domain name but it is unused, that can be a parked domain name, this is broad definition.
    However, to some web hosting providers, that can be only domain names with different TLDs with primary domain name that you connected with the web hosting, for example:
    you had a domain name “mysite.com”, then the parked domain name for some web hosting service can be “mysite.net”, “mysite.org” or more.

✦ Where Can I Get Domain Name

The domain name service is like web hosting service, there are many registrars, and almost all web hosting providers offers domain name register too. I chose 5 top domain name registrars, see below list:

  1. NameSilo
  2. NameCheap
  3. Google Domains
  4. Domain.com
  5. Godaddy

Check here to see how to get a right domain name for your business.

✦ How much for Domain name, is there any free Domain name?

Most of the domain name are not expensive, their prices are from USD8 to USD15/year for TLD .com, even if you buy from a not so good registrar, you won’t get much loss. Even so, there still are some much higher price in the market, the prices are about USD25 to USD35, you can pass those registrar directly.

Some web hosting companies will offer 1 year free domain name if you buy their hosting service, but I recommend another hosting provider, Chemicloud, you can get a free .com domain for a lifetime once you purchase the annual hosting plans.

As for totally free domain name, you may search it on goolge, as my experience, there is no any domain name is really free.

What is Hosting and Domain

So What is Hosting and Domain indeed? I made a simple FAQ list.

Ranking Lists

In order to save everyone’s search time, I recommend some excellent hosting providers and domain name registrars.

✦ Best Web Hostings by Features

✦ Best Web Hostings by Industries

✦ Best Web Hostings by Types

✦ Top domain name Registrars

  1. NameSilo
  2. NameCheap
  3. Google Domains
  4. Domain.com
  5. Godaddy


In this article, we explain what is hosting and domain, the differentce between them, how the hosting and domain works, and what roles that hosting and domain play in a website. finally we recommend many excellent domain and hosting, hope all of these will help newbies a good start.

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